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This achievement was proposed in the past, but has been rejected, because the community disapproved of an achievement that forbade people from reaching a hashpoint and required too much planning for it to be a "spontaneous adventure". Please read the discussion page for more details.

As per the page proposed achievements: If an achievement has strong opposition and the reasons for opposition are not resolved through discussion, then the proposed achievements category is replaced with the rejected achievements category, the reason explained succinctly on the page, and the page otherwise marked to make sure it isn't confused with an achievements page.

As simple as it sounds, have multiple people relay the GPS to the geohash. Requires planning for where to hand it over.


  • The larger the group, the easier, but any group of people can complete the achievement.
  • Each person must run approximately the same distance. (If impossible, adjust.)
  • Only one person can reach the geohash, but if you took part in the relay, you qualify for the achievement.
  • If one (or more) people qualify for another achievement (e.g., water, juggernaut), only those people can claim the achievement.
  • Each person must walk the GPS to the geohash. This qualifies each person for the walk geohash. Using assisted transportation to cross an otherwise uncrossable surface, such as water or a canyon, does not invalidate the walking requirement.

Honorable Mention: Assisted Relay[edit]

Your team qualifies for this honorable mention if they use alternate transportation to relay the GPS (e.g. public transportation, proxy), when walking is a valid alternative.


Regular proof of position is required, plus proof, and preferably coordinates, of each hand-off.


Feel free to link here, with proof.