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As seen on this lifelike photograph, modern raptors are able to use cellphones and GPS devices, and tend to flock near the geohash for the current day, waiting for prey.

Raptors are carnivorous dinosaurs, some of which are rumored to have survived to the present day. They are the precursors of the common chicken, which means that they can run like hell. They follow a strict diet of feeding on the legs of unwary adventurers. Due to their insane speed and cunning, no raptor has yet been sighted by any hasher. Their claw and jaw marks however are a common surprise and well-documented throughout geohashing history.

Geohashers who survive raptor attack and go on to reach their geohashing objective are eligible for the Velociraptor geohash achievement award.

If you wish to know what it feels like to be a raptor, try the excellent pixel goodness flash game Dino run.

The first conserved body part of a raptor, a claw of velociraptor kiwi