Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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The Pittsburgh Graticules
The 80th West Meridian crosses directly through Downtown Pittsburgh, splitting the city into two graticules.

Today's Locations: [Pittsburgh West (40,-80)] [Pittsburgh East (40,-79)]

Because the 80th West Meridian crosses directly through Downtown Pittsburgh, the city has two graticules, located at latitude 40, longitudes -80 and -79. Pittsburgh's western graticule contains portions of southeastern Ohio and West Virginia's northern panhandle.

Expedition categories: Category:Meetup in 40 -80 and Category:Meetup in 40 -79.


Notable Events[edit]

Pittsburgh East:

Kelly M. & Emily earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (40, -79) graticule, here, on 2008-05-31.

Pittsburgh West has never yet reported a successful hash.

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Tim P (at Pitt with no car, so attendance will be limited)
  • James M (also without car)
  • Max Roha (with car)
  • Mike H (sometimes with car)
  • Pez aka (a different) Mike H (Has car)
  • Ben, Kerrith, Elizabeth and Amy (have some cars)
  • Jessica - starting in August when I'm enrolling in CMU. :P No car, I'll be a freshman, but lots of enthusiasm!
  • David OG - same as above. hopes to hash but will have neither car nor gps...
  • Kelly M and Emily (each have car, but travel together)
  • Tom H (car situation can be iffy)
  • DGandhi (car, would be happy to drive others)
  • Noah (full of car-osity)
  • schep (has car)
  • Colin (car, but small one)
  • Blindeagle (has car)
  • William may steal his roommate's car
  • Chris (has car)
  • Ian G (rides the bus, East Liberty)
  • Derek - No car, buses rock, enrolled at CMU
  • Scott S - has car, near new kensington (enrolled at PSU new kensington)
  • Adam L - sometimes has car... hoping to meet up soon!
  • Richard R - Has Car
  • Joe F - Has car, no GPS, and kinda busy with full-time work and grad school at Pitt.
  • Mike and Sarah - one car and a healthy lust for adventure between us
  • Laura D - has car when it works and a GPS and can play on weekends
  • Kenya J - has a car, no GPS, resides near RMU or Kittanning, and is new at this
  • Sarah K - has car, lousy GPS, resides in Oakland, kgirlfae on xkcd forums
  • Nick S - Has car with 5 seats, GPS's, a Nikon and a healthy sense of adventure.
  • Alex D. & Kyle Y - Have car and GPS and generally will head to any achievable weekend hash, particularly if near parks.
  • Zëk S. - Has a car, a GPS, and hopes that people still do this regularly.
  • Shotguhn - Lives in Youngstown, Ohio, and can occasionally plan to go to hashes in the northwest part of the Graticule.
  • Add yourself to this list and join us!