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The graph below shows the probabilities of ...

  • Red, Violet, Blue or Green: Getting a certain number of land hashpoints in a 28, 29, 30 or 31 day month.
  • Orange: Getting an unbroken sequence of consecutive land hashpoints in the Norwich graticule.
  • Black: Getting an unbroken sequence of consecutive sea hashpoints in the Norwich graticule.

This graph assumes the land area is 0.57 or 57%.

Land Hashpoints[edit]

  • Depending on the number of days in the month, there is a probability of less than 1 in 1000 of getting fewer than 8 land hashpoints or more than 26.

Consecutive Hashpoints in Norwich[edit]

  • The probability of four consecutive land hashpoints is about 1:10.
  • Getting more than eight consecutive land hashpoints, you are down below 1:100.

Norwich Stats.png

Line of Luck[edit]

Below the line, bad luck and above the line, good.

Expected Hashpoints Norwich.png

Gambling, Luck and Toast[edit]

  1. When gambling, you get an early win which fools you into losing all your money.
  2. Toast falls messy side down.
  3. Scientists attempting to prove that toast falls messy side down will fail.
  4. Once I dropped a treacle tin lid. Rule 2 predicted it should fall messy side down. The lid fell, bounced and then spun like a coin settling with the messy side up. Once the spinning stopped, with perfect comedy timing, some elastic energy in the metal lid was released with a loud ping, neatly flipping it through 180 degrees, treacle side down. Sometimes the laws of nature mess with your head! And of course I was not filming it.
  5. If you are attempting to beat a geohashing record, as you get closer to success, reachable points become rarer than pure chance predicts.
  6. One day quantum inconvenience will be discovered but of course the hypothesis predicts ... see 3 above.

This CALCULATOR was used to generate the statistics above.