Michael5000's Top Ten (Fake) Rejected Achievement Proposals

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1. Underachievement Achievement.

Concept: Fail to live up to your potential at the hashpoint.
Rejected for: Standard of performance thought to be “too subjective.”

2. Extremely Punctual Achievement.

Concept: Be at the hashpoint at the moment that the coordinates are announced.
Rejected for: Was considered impractical due to limitations in the human perception of time and causality.

3. Last Bastard In Achievement.

Concept: Purchase land parcel that contains hashpoint; refuse access to other geohashers.
Rejected for: Potential detrimental consequences for geohashing community.

4. Folsom Prison Achievement.

Concept: Shoot a man at the hashpoint just to watch him die.
Rejected for: Liability concerns; unresolved argument about whether the achievement should only count in the Reno, Nevada graticule.

5. Road to Damascus Achievement.

Concept: Experience a religious conversion at the hashpoint.
Rejected for: Subjective standard of evidence and conceptual confusion with #6:

6. Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Achievement.

Concept: Convert someone to your faith at the hashpoint.
Rejected for: Concerns included the non-universality of the “Blood of the Lamb” metaphor, the potential for reciprocal “you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours” deals, and whether or not literal lamb’s-blood washing could qualify a participant for the achievement.

7. Sex Achievement.

Concept: Have sex at the hashpoint.
Rejected for: Obvious violation of public – oh wait, we actually have that one.

8. Lunar Geohash Achievement.

Concept: Reach hashpoint on the moon using accepted graticule system.
Rejected for: Was generally considered “impractical.”

9. Arms of Morpheus Achievement.

Concept: Die at the hashpoint.
Rejected for: Concerns that overenthusiastic geohashers would “cheat” and engineer an achievement that was intended to celebrate coincidental deaths only.

10. Punic Achievement.

Concept: Plough salt into the ground at and around the hashpoint so that nothing will grow there, ever again.
Rejected for: Worries that possible media attention would fail to recognize the whimsical historical reference.

Michael5000 18:37, 10 August 2010 (UTC)