Meteghan, Nova Scotia

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Dumbarton, New Brunswick Saint John, New Brunswick Sussex, New Brunswick
Machias, Maine Meteghan Digby
43,-67 Yarmouth Shelburne

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The Meteghan graticule is at latitude 44, longitude -66. It contains part of the Nova Scotia sea coast; the Digby Neck & Islands; Grand Manan and Campobello Islands in New Brunswick, and a majority of Deer Island, and Lubec, Maine.

About eighty percent of this graticule is the Bay of Fundy/Atlantic Ocean. Hashes here are rare, and hashes in Maine are very rare. Fortunately, what land hashes there are should be reasonably easy to get to, though may require ferries. Any geohashers are likely to specialize in one side of the graticule or the other, however.


No geohashes have been attempted in this graticule.


No known locals in this graticule.