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The following are the actual or potential geohashers for the graticules of Melbourne, Australia.

Active, semi-regular or otherwise involved[edit]

Felix Dance checks the four closest graticules and goes to the one most accessible by bike-train, but is currently (Jan 2010) deflowering graticules in Asia
kozz tries to make it to accessible hashes where possible, esp those in the Eastern suburbs
mykaDragonBlue will go when he determines that the time is good and appropriate, or often if it's within riding distance (and not to dang hot), or just if someone suggests he meets them there, or he's out traveling anyway. myka is often available in #geohashing
Stevage comes to some of them if they're interesting
Urcher, Bilby and Doomhammer
Taner, just started (June 2011)
Arran will go if it's near, let him know. Now with added car.
Razetoei discovered geohashing by accident last Thursday (24th March) and went to their first hashpoint on Eggster Friday, 2016
The Man Himself goes if it's near in the Western Suburbs

Inactive, may be back, or status unknown[edit]

Aco will go, provided public transport can do the job. (and he remembers about it)
b0rken will go if it's close enough to ride to
Bruce is up for it, has a car but no GPS
Catriona soon to be active, only really has access to public transport at the moment but is keen to give this a go
coeus will venture out when his bicycle is fixed, but is very eager to geohash.
fantasyprone will go if possible, currently lacking transportation and free time
fire.and.hemlock will go as long as she can afford the petrol. And it's not too far away.
Froosh has the iPhone app and will decide on the day, depending on location or other activities.
Fry doesn't have a wiki account (yet) but is keen to partake.
Ginnybee will go if it's in the city. And she remembers.
Gnattitude will be going on June 21, and possibly in the future if it's easy to get to on public transport.
Jirc will most likely go when in, or close to the city, when he isn't elsewhere or doing other things.
Joanna may be down from time to time, and would love to come along.
Luke will go if it's after exams, if only to get photographic evidence of Robzy not piking.
luminosity is interested, when it's public transport friendly
Mdoon Will go eventually, just not now
Mac has finally reached his first geohash
meatpopsicle finally reclaimed my GPS
NickFromMelbourne I've just started geohashing, but will probably only go if it's nearby, because I'm only 13.
Nick Fredriksson, Toaster Has a new account (old one above), and will get involved in the community more. Will get a geohash one day! Panacea will bring friends!
paritybit if he can source a car (or maybe hire)
Robzy will go if it's after exams
Ruobing May go to Saturday meet-ups. Public transport is desirable pour moi.
Stanzi is keen to go if it's in the city or southeastern suburbs
StephenEdmonds will try for any that fall in the metro area
Tacticus will be there sat 5th jul provided it isn't water
Talex will go if it's within Train + Bike range
TallPete has a car and a GPS but hasn't gone to one yet. But there should be a pub there. Or on the way there. Or back.
Theduffman enjoyed several geohashes in '08. May encourage the early '08 geohashers to regather sometime in mid '09
The Eskimo will go sometime if he remembers to.
ÜberFly Now located in Keilor East, will go some time soon. Contact details on wiki page, I have a car if car-pooling is desirable
Zimbo Just moved to Melbourne in late 2014 and may be convinced to bike somewhere if he can.
zorg will go if its near a pub