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Date Participants Description Result
Arrow2.png 2018-04-09 Claralucia9 in a field between Taufkirchen and Ottobrunn, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-03-26 Claralucia9 Lerchenfeldstraße in central Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-12-21 Solli Drive-in geohash in an industrial area in Wolnzach Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-12-17 Claralucia9 I had planed to go to this Geohash today, but owernight snow took me by sur... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-11-09 Claralucia9 In a forest close to Brunntal, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-11-04 Claralucia9 Located on a private property in Tal, Oberpframmern, south of Munich Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2017-10-27 Solli On a field near Wolnzach, between the motorway and a hops plantation Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-10-14 Claralucia9 in a field outside of Grasbrunn, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-10-04 Solli In Vaterstetten, close to the train station Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2017-09-14 Solli In a residential area in Kösching near Ingolstadt Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-09-04 Solli On a field near Aschheim, south of the Speichersee Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-09-02 Solli, shany the hashdog In the Ostpark, Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-07-30 Solli On a corn field near Hörlkofen Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-07-26 Solli On a road (Mendlstraße) in Ingolstadt Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-07-11 Solli On a lawn in Kirchdorf an der Amper Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-06-21 Claralucia9 in Munich city, very close to Gärtnerplatz, in the courtyard of a building Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-06-02 Solli On a field near Allershausen Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2017-06-01 Solli On the edge of a forest near Jetzendorf Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-05-25 Knallgöwer On my way -- Knallgöwer (talk) 12:49, 25 May 2017 (GMT+02:00) *Parked my ... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-05-17 Solli On the edge of a forest near Geisenfeld, southeast of Ingolstadt Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-04-23 Claralucia9 deep in a forest between Hohenbrunn and Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, southea... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-04-14 Solli On a field near Hofsingelding, east of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-04-13 Solli On a field near Oberstimm Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-04-01 Solli On a field between Aschheim, Feldkirchen and the Munich trade fair centre. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-03-16 Solli On the Highway A9 between Allershausen and Kreuz Neufahrn in southern direc... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-03-11 Claralucia9 On the property of a saw mill in Neukirchstockach, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-02-26 Micsnare, B2c was located in a bikeshed near a housing complex in Munich, Germany. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-02-08 Solli On a field near Grasbrunn Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-02-04 Knallgöwer Just arrived at the Hash in the outskirts of Munich just outside the suburb... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-01-25 Claralucia9, Solli On a snow-covered field near Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-01-22 Claralucia9, Knallgöwer Located in Unterbiberg, close to the University of the German Armed Forces.... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-12-20 Solli On a field near Planegg, Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-11-01 TheOneRing on a field near Geltendorf. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-02-29 TheOneRing on a sidewalk in Olching near Munich. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2016-01-10 tads In a wood (part of Forstenrieder Park) at the southern border of Munich. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2016-01-03 Lord Vetinari, lady vetinari On a football field in Moosach (Landkreis Ebersberg) Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-12-01 TheOneRing on a meadow at Inning. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-11-10 TheOneRing on a meadow at Frohnloh. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-11-03 Klaus Haldenseestraße, München Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2015-11-01 Klaus on a soccer field in Perlach, Munich Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2015-10-09 TheOneRing in a forest near Söcking. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-08-02 Micsnare, Crankl, B2c This is part of an elevenfold multihash. For the complete report of the mul... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-31 TheOneRing in a forest near Starnberg. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-13 TheOneRing next to a street right at the exit of Türkenfeld. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-12 Klaus In the forest next to Grünwald, München Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-08 hans, Juja Not even 100 meters from a road near Aichach, Bavaria. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-22 TheOneRing at the train station Seefeld-Hechendorf. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-14 TheOneRing at a cemetery in Herrsching. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-07 DODO In the middle of a wheat field south of Neuburg an der Donau. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-05 TheOneRing at the edge of Alling near Fürstenfeldbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-03 TheOneRing in the city of Munich, not far away from the central station and Nymphenbur... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-02-23 Thomcat Between a road and a pedestrian path in Germering, near München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-02-21 TheOneRing only 162m apart that one of 2014-06-09 near Maisach. Perfect for Déjà Vu Geohash. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-02-17 TheOneRing in a grove somewhere near Unterföhring. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2014-11-21 zb Inside the Tonhalle, one of München's huge venues for rock shows. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2014-10-19 TheOneRing in a forest near Gauting. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-10-12 OtherJack, GeorgDerReisende, Zb The hash lies on the court of a company in München, Paul-Henri-Spaak-Straße... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-09-28 Umeier The hash lay between Schöngeising and Landsberied north of the old romanian... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-09-19 DODO At the edge of the forest on a field near Altmannstein. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2014-08-10 Scherzkeks, The T-Man Seems to be in the middle of a field near Poing, a village just outside of ... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2014-08-08 TheOneRing on a field next to the "Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen" (a small airport)... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-06-09 TheOneRing on or near a road close to Maisach. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2014-04-05 Manfred on a field near Neufinsing Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2014-03-16 Zertrin About 1.2 km south-east of the train station of Mammendorf, on the edge of ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-01-15 Zertrin In a field near Aschheim, a few kilometer northwest of München, very near t... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-11-22 OwlOnAWheel, 1-0, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud In a forest near Gelbelsee, close to the A9 motorway. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-14 Zertrin, Almagest, Rkschlotte In Munich, in the Richelstraße, near the Donnersberger Brücke. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-10 Almagest, LeslieHapablap, IdealStandard, The T-Man Munich Lindwurmstraße, directly at a railway bridge over the street. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-01 XNet A field near Maisach. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-07-07 IdealStandard On the long jump track of Alte Heide sports ground. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-29 1-0, risctaker, Almagest, RunningSushi, LeslieHapablap Gauting near Munich, in a schoolyard. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-06 Zertrin, a friend of zertrin In the forest, between Schöngeising and Wildenroth, 25 km west of Munich. T... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-03 Zertrin 20 meters off a road through the forest between Germering and Gauting, just... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-05-09 Zertrin In a residential parking alley, in Heimstetten, east of München. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2013-03-10 Knallgöwer In a forest close to the small village Niederpframmen east of Munich. Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2013-03-09 Knallgöwer In the middle of a (quite smelly) field between Neufahrn and Massenhausen c... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-03-03 Knallgöwer, Zertrin In the Rieder Wald, between Breitbrunn am Ammersee and Herrsching, 30 km SE... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-02-27 Zertrin, vermouthandgin In a field near Oberschleißheim, north of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-02-26 Zertrin, vermouthandgin Next to the path along the Isar river, near Ismaning, NE of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-30 Zertrin, IdealStandard, vermouthandgin In a field near Unterumbach, about 30 km north-west of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-28 DerFlob, Zertrin, The T-Man At the edge of Gröbenzell, a suburb NW of München. A bit near Karlsfeld, lo... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-27 Zertrin, vermouthandgin In the forest, between Dürrnhaar and Egmating, 20 km south-east of Munich. ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-21 Scherzkeks, IdealStandard, Zertrin, Rkschlotte, vermouthandgin, The T-Man, DerFlob In a little public park of some sort, named Spindlerplatz, south-west of Mu... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-15 max, thomas, Andi, myx Inside a small "island" between rail tracks close to the old station Freima... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-12 Zertrin, vermouthandgin In the middle of a field, south of the village called Wartenberg, about 50 ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-01-11 Zertrin, The T-Man, vermouthandgin, DerFlob In a forest just S of München, near the suburb of Grünwald. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-10-21 Zertrin In the Kasten forest on the south-west of Munich, in the trees about 40 met... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-10-20 Zertrin In the inner courtyard of some habitation buildings near Bonner Platz in Mu... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-10-13 Jcbck at the side of a dirt track east of Pfeffenhausen Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-09-24 Triqueon, r007 On the traintracks right besdie E52, where it meets A99, NE of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-08-01 QuarterCacher, M, Ricki Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-07-05 Andi, DerFlob At the shore of Mallertshofer See, near Unterschleißheim, N of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-06-29 Zb Right on the (left) shore of the Isar, just W of Ismaning. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-06-22 Zertrin The hash was located in the forest, about 30 meter from the road between Ne... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-06-18 Scherzkeks, The T-Man On a field near Frieding, a small village on the very southern edge of the ... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2012-06-10 Rkschlotte In a forest near Hohenbrunn, SE of München. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-05-27 DerFlob On a field near Siegertsbrunn, N of München. Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-05-22 Zertrin, DerFlob In the south area of the Forstenrieder Park, in the middle of the trees, ab... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-05-15 DerFlob On a meadow outside of Lochhausen, NW of München. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2012-04-29 Locationmaster, Scherzkeks, The T-Man, DerFlob In a forest near Altomünster, N of München Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-04-26 Zertrin, The T-Man, DerFlob Within a group of trees a couple of hundred meters away from the rescue hel... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-04-23 Chrisp On a field way near some smaller bavarian villages. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-04-09 Zertrin In front of the entry to a small commercial area, in Pasing-Obermenzing, we... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-04-02 Chrisp In a field near the Munich airport Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-28 The T-Man, DerFlob On Lessingstraße in Karlsfeld N of München Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-21 Robert, DerFlob, The T-Man In Forstenrieder Park, just S of München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-20 Jcbck 4m into a field from the forest northern boundary Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-14 The T-Man, Johanna, DerFlob On a Meadow at the edge of Bergkirchen, a beautiful small village near Münc... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-02-14 augschburrger. Straight ahead of the urban railway station "Donnersberger Brücke". Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-10-11 In the forest between Großberghofen and Holzharlanden. mojibake went there ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-09-18 a bazillion of, Gefrierbrand According to Google maps, pretty much in the center of Munich somewhere nea... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-09-16 Gefrierbrand At the edge of an field not far from a major road near Herdweg. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-09-11 Gefrierbrand Middle of a already harvested field near a graveyard in Langengeisling (nor... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-08-30 Robert Somewhere in a forest near the hospital Großhadern Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2011-05-25 dawidi In a meadow near Kapfelberg. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2011-05-21 Nola17 on a field near a field track, situated near Neufahrn, North of Munich Co... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2011-05-05 Robert In Muenchen-Schwabing Thwarted — Technology
Arrow2.png 2011-04-26 Zb Close to Neuherberg, just N of München, on the runway of a model plane club... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-20 Robert In Ascheim, NE of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-06 dawidi, Ekorren At Alling near Regensburg, in a forest on the mountain ridge between the Do... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-03-29 zb In a forest near Berghofen (Moosach/Falkenberg/Fürmoosen), not far from a r... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-03-25 Zb In a forest near Hochdorf (Althegnenberg/Mering). Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-03-24 sockenfresser The todays geohash was located on a small road on a field north of Freising... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-02-06 johanna, DerFlob, The T-Man At the edge of a forest in the very SW of München, close to the villages Ga... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-01-18 mayzoon On a muddy field in the south of Munich. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-11-02 zb On the sidewalk, in front of a church in München-Bogenhausen. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-11-01 zb In a street in a residential area in Dachau, near München. Should be access... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-10-21 zb was in Ebersberger Forst, close to St2080, near Schwaberwegen. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2010-10-20 sockenfresser On a really muddy field near Dietersheim in the north-east of Munich. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-10-07 Robert Near Isar river, around Baierbrunn Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2010-09-12 Zb On a hill near Amperpettenbach. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-09-06 The T-Man, DerFlob On the grave of Mr and Mrs Adam, in a woodland cemetery near Solln S of Mün... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-08-28 zb A residential street in München's West, close to the Pasing RR station. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-07-12 User:Robert Munich, in Forstenrieder Park Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2010-07-01 The T-Man, zb, DerFlob München, Berg am Laim. Not far from home for zb. In front of a security com... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-06-23 DerFlob, The T-Man On a corn field, 250m from the suburban train station Hohenbrunn Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-06-10 The T-Man, DerFlob On a corn field, North of Poing. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-05-24 The T-Man, DerFlob South of Erding, on a field Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-05-21 The T-Man, DerFlob In a forest alongside the Isar river, south of Grünwald near München Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-05-15 zb Just South of exit 93 (Unterhaching Ost) along the Autobahn A8. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-11 DerFlob On a field approx. 2km North of Unterschleißheim, near München, Germany. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-10 The T-Man, DerFlob In the garden of a detached house in München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-07 zb On a field between Grunertshofen and Adelshofen, approx. 5 km South of the ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-06 zb Approx. 1 km E of Mammendorf, on a field and very close to an intersection ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-03-27 DerFlob, The T-Man was located on a meadow near Geisenbrunn, about 10 or 20 metres away from t... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-03-21 Johanna, The T-Man, Zb, DerFlob A few hundred meters from S-Bahn-Station Furth (S3) near a roundabout in fr... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-03-17 Robert, The T-Man, Johanna, DerFlob Next to a HypoVereinsbank building in Munich, Germany. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2010-03-09 Zb In the Southern parts of the village of Ampermoching, North of München and ... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2010-02-21 Zb W of München, S of Mammendorf, close to the village of Egg. Easily accessib... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-02-04 Danatar in a meadow near Taufkirchen, south of München. Country: Germany; state: B... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-01-16 Harleydavidsonandy East of Grafing in a little Forest. Link to the location Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-12-29 Harleydavidsonandy, Omega East of Baumhau, close to a little forest and the usual meadow. Link to the location... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-12-26 Omega, zb No GPS, so I need to memorize this: On a field, W of the 13th tree along th... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-12-13 thepiguy, dawidi, zb Pi and Srs0 had come to Munich for a walking tour in the morning, and we me... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-12-05 Harleydavidsonandy South east of Pötting, close to rotten logs, not far from a deer paddock. ... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-11-06 zb Inside the fenced area of the Maisach military airport in Munich's West, ro... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2009-09-18 dawidi A quick evening expedition. dawidi, late as always - at least partially bec... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-09-05 Tomcat Todays hashpoint was in a forest 4.5km north of Kelheim. Fortunately in the... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-08-25 Zb, Baerenfell A Geohash in the middle of Munich was too good not to try it. It was locate... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2009-08-16 Dawidi, Tomcat happened to be in Stausacker, south of the "Weltenburg Narrows" near Welten... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-07-11 On our way back from the previous hash in the Augsburg graticule, we would ... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2009-07-01 Nusa The edge of the Forstenrieder Park (wildlife park) southwest of Munich. Pub... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-06-26 Tomcat In a forest 7 km south of Hemau. Hans and Tomcat went there by bike in the ... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-06-20 prijks In the water at Wasserskipark Aschheim. prijks took a look. There were big ... Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2009-06-12 Baerenfell Under some trees, north of Maisach Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-06-05 Baerenfell, prijks In a house, near the park of Castle Nymphenburg Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-06-03 Baerenfell, prijks By the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, Morassistraße in München. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-05-10 dawidi In the forest just south of the Donaudurchbruch near Kelheim. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-04-24 Zb The expedition was a walk of three hours, from and back to the train statio... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-04-15 Baerenfell On a field near Schönbrunn Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-04-10 Tomcat In a forest south of Saal an der Donau. Reached by Tomcat and Hans in the l... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-04-07 Zb The Expedition doesn't deserve its name, because no one really went ex pedi... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2009-04-03 Zb Taking advantage of the E of 30 W rule, plans were made and maps were print... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-03-28 dawidi, Zb Föhn and sunshine at Noon Around Noon, the weat... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2009-03-17 dawidi, Tomcat In the Paintner Forst, a large forest area west of Viehhausen, about 15km w... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-08-08 AgentSmith Inside the forest following the west end of Taufkirchen. About 20 minutes f... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-07-23 AgentSmith These coordinates are located in the Munich, Germany graticule on 2008-07-23. 48.21304°, 11.188204... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-07-20 I have been there. (Dragged along my girlfriend.) 16:30 to 17:30 I would h... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-06-21 Rodaroda I have been there. I have dragged along my wife and my son Anthony, which m... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-06-08 Bb I picked up a friend and we took of "west-ish" since the navi decided to st... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2008-06-01 Bb Announced departure in IRC. Reached point at 1700h. Ate chicken. Drank alco... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2008-05-30 zb zb went by bike and tried to get there around 8:30p. Got drenched in rain a... Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2008-05-29 Nusa Thursdays Location is some field near Garching, between Ismaning and Hallbe... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-05-27 zb, bock was a backyard of a house near the Isar (river). Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2008-05-24 BB I have been there. And I got the split-double-wrong achievement! # I ... Thwarted — Technology