München, Germany/2012

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List of expeditions[edit]

most recent first

2012-10-21 48 11[edit]

In the Kasten forest on the south-west of Munich, in the trees about 40 meters from the nearest path. Hashpoint reached by Zertrin at 4:55 p.m.

2012-10-20 48 11[edit]

In the inner courtyard of some habitation buildings near Bonner Platz. Zertrin reached the coords at 6:45 p.m.

2012-10-13 48 11[edit]

On a dirt track east of Pfeffenhausen. jcbck went there by foot at 4pm.

2012-07-05 48 11[edit]

At the shore of Mallertshofer See, near Unterschleißheim, N of München. IdealStandard, on his first hash, met DerFlob.

2012-06-29 48 11[edit]

Right on the (left) shore of the Isar, just W of Ismaning. zb went by bike on a hot summer evening, got there at sunset.

2012-06-22 48 11[edit]

About 30 meter from the road between Neuried and Gauting, 10 km SW of Munich. Zertrin reached the hashpoint at about 4:30 p.m.

2012-06-18 48 11[edit]

In the middle of a field (this time barley, not beans) near Frieding. Scherzkeks and The_T-Man went there, had a look at it from the edge of the field and left.

2012-05-27 48 11[edit]

In a bean field near Siegertsbrunn, N of München. DerFlob went there, but didn't reach the exact spot.

2012-05-22 48 11[edit]

In the Forstenrieder Park, about 16 km S of München. Zertrin reached the coordinates at about 3 p.m. and DerFlob at about 4:45 p.m.

2012-05-15 48 11[edit]

On a meadow outside of Lochhausen, NW of München. DerFlob went there, but was stopped from reaching the spot by a fence.

2012-04-29 48 11[edit]

4 km N of Altomünster (which is about 30 km NW of München). DerFlob, The_T-Man, Scherzkeks and Locationmaster drove there and took a long walk through the forest.

2012-04-26 48 11[edit]

Within a group of trees a couple of hundred meters away from the rescue helicopter landing site of München's university hospital at the southern edge of the city. Reached by DerFlob, The_T-Man and Zertrin.

2012-04-23 48 11[edit]

On a small pathway in a field, near some smaller villages, reached by Chrisp.

2012-04-09 48 11[edit]

In front of a little commercial area, in Radolfzellerstr. west of München. Reached by first-time geohasher Zertrin by bike at about 5:00 p.m.

2012-04-02 48 11[edit]

On a field near the airport, reached by Chrisp.

2012-03-28 48 11[edit]

On Lessingstr. in Karlsfeld N of München. DerFlob went there by bike, The_T-Man by train, meeting at about 4:00 p.m.

2012-03-21 48 11[edit]

In Forstenrieder Park, just S of München. DerFlob and The_T-Man met there at about 12:00 p.m. Robert went there by bike in the afternoon.

2012-03-20 48 11[edit]

A few meters into a field. First-time geohasher Jcbck visited the hashpoint.

2012-03-14 48 11[edit]

On a Meadow at the edge of Bergkirchen, a beautiful small village NW of München. Reached by DerFlob, The_T-Man and Johanna, celebrating Pi-Day with a self-baked pie.

2012-02-14 48 11[edit]

Straight ahead of the urban railway station "Donnersberger Brücke", reached by Augschburrger.