München, Germany/2010

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List of expeditions[edit]

Overall Successful attempts Failed attempts
Number of Expeditions 26 21 5

most recent first

2010-11-02 48 11[edit]

An easy one in München-Bogenhausen. zb went there on the way home around 10:45p.

2010-11-01 48 11[edit]

Zb took the bike to a residential street in Dachau.

2010-10-21 48 11[edit]

In Ebersberger Forst, close to St2080, near Schwaberwegen. zb tried to find the spot, but wasn't successful, due to a lacking GPS system.

2010-10-20 48 11[edit]

On a field near Dietersheim, NE of München. sockenfresser went by bike.

2010-10-07 48 11[edit]

Near Isar river, around Baierbrunn: I'm trying to come there around 1500. Anyone else? Update: Made it, arrived around 1700. Writeup to follow - Robert

2010-09-12 48 11[edit]

On a hill near Amperpettenbach, N of München. zb went by bike.

2010-09-06 48 11[edit]

On a cemetary near Solln. DerFlob and The_T-Man went there and confirmed that Mr and Mrs Adam had won the Coffin Potato Achievement.

2010-08-28 48 11[edit]

In the middle of a residential street in München-Pasing. zb went in the late afternoon.

2010-07-12 48 11[edit]

Forstenrieder Park. Seems like robert went to check it out.

2010-07-01 48 11[edit]

Less than 1 km from home for zb. He went in the early morning. DerFlob and The_T-Man were there, too, and went for some achievement challenges. Expedition report is currently being written.

2010-06-23 48 11[edit]

On a corn field, 250m from the suburban train station Hohenbrunn. The_T-Man and DerFlob visited the spot.

2010-06-10 48 11[edit]

On a corn field, North of Poing. The_T-Man and DerFlob reached the point.

2010-05-24 48 11[edit]

South of Erding, on a field. The T-Man and DerFlob went there together and reached to point successfully.

2010-05-21 48 11 (Geohashing Day 2010)[edit]

In a forest alongside the Isar river, south of Grünwald near München. The T-Man and DerFlob went there independently and both reached it.

2010-05-15 48 11[edit]

Just South of exit 93 (Unterhaching Ost) along the Autobahn A8. zb went there by bike.

2010-04-11 48 11[edit]

On a field approx. 2km North of Unterschleißheim, near München, Germany. DerFlob successfully reached it.

2010-04-10 48 11[edit]

In the garden of a detached house in München. DerFlob and The_T-Man went and obtained permission to access the garden.

2010-04-07 48 11[edit]

On a field between Grunertshofen and Adelshofen, approx. 5 km South of the train station in Haspelmoor. zb enjoyed the warm weather during a nice long walk.

2010-04-06 48 11[edit]

Approx. 1 km E of Mammendorf, close to a transformer station for the railway line from München to Augsburg. zb went around 4 pm and enjoyed the beautiful weather while walking ca. 5 km.

2010-03-27 48 11[edit]

The hashpoint was located on a meadow near Geisenbrunn, about 10 or 20 metres away from the S8 railroad tracks, West of München. DerFlob and The T-Man went there by bike.

2010-03-21 48 11[edit]

A few hundred meters from S-Bahn-Station Furth (S3) near a roundabout in front of Sportschule Oberhaching, just South of München. DerFlob, Johanna, The T-Man, Mar and Zb met there.

2010-03-17 48 11[edit]

In München's Arabellapark. Robert, The T-Man and DerFlob and a drag-along went to check out the coordinates' inaccessibility and enjoyed some tall buildings.

2010-03-09 48 11[edit]

South of Ampermoching. Zb took the train to Hebertshausen and went for a walk. Made it within few steps, but failed because the location was in a private garden, right next to a house.

2010-02-21 48 11[edit]

A location in München's West, near Mammendorf, almost revisiting 2009-04-24 48 11 and 2009-04-03 48 11. Zb went and enjoyed it.

2010-02-04 48 11[edit]

Next to the Autobahn exit Sauerlach, south of München. Danatar made a short stop when returning from Italy.

2010-01-16 48 11[edit]

In the woods east of Grafing. Harleydavidsonandy was there at 15:30.