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After having seen a drop in expeditions at the end of 2008, dawidi and Tomcat claimed the "reanimation" of 48, 11 on 2009-03-17 48 11. Over the following months, numerous expeditions were performed by lots of different geohashers, doubling the number of expeditions from the year before.

List of expeditions[edit]

Overall Successful attempts Failed attempts
Number of Expeditions 24 18 6

most recent first

2009-12-29 48 11[edit]

East of Baumhau on a meadow close to a forest. Harleydavidsonandy was there at 18:00 for 2 minutes. Shortly before midnight, Omega took a quick look at the hash, too.

2009-12-26 48 11[edit]

This one was right next to the little hill that overlooks runway 8R/26L of MUC airport. Omega and zb went plane-spotting.

2009-12-13 48 11[edit]

NW of Starnberg, in a forest. thepiguy, srs0 and dawidi went for a freezing hike in the cold and enjoyed some π-Zza after the achievement.

2009-12-05 48 11[edit]

In a forest south east of Pötting, close to a deer farm. Harleydavidsonandy successfully zeroed out close to a pile of rotten logs.

2009-11-06 48 11[edit]

Inside the Maisach military airport. zb succeeded in failing to get to the actual spot and remained outside the airport fence for the sake of his safety.

2009-09-18 48 11[edit]

In a forest a few km NNE of Kelheim. dawidi, Hans and Tomcat went there by bike in the evening.

2009-09-05 48 11[edit]

In a forest 4.5km north of Kelheim. Hans and Tomcat went there by bike in the afternoon.

2009-08-25 48 11[edit]

On the ground of the "Städtische Berufsschulen für Spedition & Technik und Grosshandels- & Automobilkaufleute". Baerenfell tried it, but there was a "no trespassing"-sign. Zb Failed two hours later for the same reason.

2009-08-16 48 11[edit]

In Stausacker, south of the "Weltenburg Narrows". dawidi, Hans, Manfred and Tomcat went there by bike in an all day expedition, took the ferry from Stausacker to Weltenburg and had lunch at the famous Weltenburg Abbey before they passed the "Weltenburg Narrows" with their bikes on a tiny boat and returned to Regensburg.

2009-07-11 48 11[edit]

In a cropfield 900m north of Unterumbach. Hans and Tomcat went there on their way home from the previous hash in the Augsburg graticule.

2009-07-01 48 11[edit]

Forstenrieder Park southwest of Munich. Two S-Bahn-Stations nearby. Good accessibility by forest roads. Nice landscape. Nusa went there by foot.

2009-06-26 48 11[edit]

In a forest 7 km south of Hemau. Hans and Tomcat went there by bike in the evening.

2009-06-20 48 11[edit]

In the lake at Wasserskipark Aschheim, accessible via MVV. prijks stood at the edge of the water but came no closer.

2009-06-12 48 11[edit]

The birthday geohash of Baerenfell in somewhere north of Maisach. He will go there by train from Munich and will probably have cake with him. Time of arrival, about 6:00 pm local time.
Nusa tries to be there.

2009-06-05 48 11[edit]

In a house, near the park of Castle Nymphenburg. Baerenfell was standing in the garden with his mate Sami at about 5:30 pm. prijks made it just barely in time at 23:17.

2009-06-03 48 11[edit]

Near Isartor, by the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt. Prijks stopped by around 20:00.

2009-05-10 48 11[edit]

In the forest just south of the Donaudurchbruch near Kelheim. Tomcat and dawidi were there around 15:00 during an all-day cycling trip.

2009-04-24 48 11[edit]

Very similar to 2009-04-03 48 11. Zb went and got to the spot around 7pm.

2009-04-15 48 11[edit]

On a field near Schönbrunn, reached by Baerenfell in the afternoon.

2009-04-10 48 11[edit]

In a forest south of Saal an der Donau, reached by Tomcat and Hans in the later afternoon.

2009-04-07 48 11[edit]

Drive-by geohash. A failure, of course, but I couldn't resist. Today's spot was in Gröbenzell just some 100 meters next to the railway line between München and Augsburg. Zb took some pictures from the comfort of his seat in the train.

2009-04-03 48 11[edit]

5 km South of Mammendorf train station. Zb successfully reached the location around 6:30pm (local) on the first really warm day of the year.

2009-03-28 48 11[edit]

Failed Saturday Meetup in Hasenbergl. dawidi and Zb went.

2009-03-17 48 11[edit]

In the Painten forest, west of Viehhausen. dawidi and Tomcat went there by bike in the evening and reactivated the graticule.