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Some cows Abunai encountered during 2008-05-31 48 11
Rodaroda's son, who was the world's youngest geohasher for seven days, at 2008-06-21 48 11

In 2008, eleven geohashes were undertaken in the 48, 11 graticule between May and August, followed by a seven-month break. As to whom the honor of de-virginizing the graticule should be given, a decision is hard to make, since the graticule's first geohash on May, 24th was accompanied by several technical difficulties. Judging from that, it seems like zb was the first user to successfully reach a geohash on 2008-05-27 48 11. Following were, however, numerous successful expeditions by various geohashers, many of whom, however, ceased their geohashing activities by now.

List of expeditions in the 48, 11 graticule in 2008[edit]

Overall Successful attempts Failed attempts
Number of Expeditions 11 8 3

most recent expedition first

2008-08-08 48 11[edit]

Friday, August 08: Deep inside the forest at the west end of Taufkirchen. Was a nice trip! ---AgentSmith

2008-07-23 48 11[edit]

Wednesday, July 23: The Spot is in Munich's West, probably reachable by foot within 15 minutes Mammendorf S-Bahn-Station. Takes 35 minutes from Munich Central Station via S4. I'll take the S4 leaving Munich Central Station at 17:20, it arrives in Mammendorf at 17:55 - a "RegionalExpress" driving back from Mammendorf to Munich at 18:30 seems like a good solution for the way back. Anyone coming? ---AgentSmith

2008-07-20 48 11[edit]

Sunday, July 20: The Spot is in Munich's East, easily accessible in the nice forest between Neukeferloh and Grasbrunn. Depending on my time and the state my bike will be in, I am probably going. Those who want to use public transport: It's a 30 min walk from Vaterstetten's S-Bahn Station, pretty much straight South. ---zb

Nice indeed - maybe around 1900h? User:bb

Been there, accessible, but not very special. ---urac


Is near Ingolstadt. But 47/11 is in Kochel Am See. Anyone going? I think it is quite far...

2008-06-21 48 11[edit]

Saturday, 21 June: The location was in the Altmühl valley. We had a beautiful picknick from 1pm to 3pm. Achievements: Drag-along, Youngest Geohash, No Batteries Geohash (only printed screenshots) link Rodaroda ---Rodaroda


Tuesday is Munich-City again (Sendling, inside someones garage). 2 km from my appartement. I will take a walk at 4 PM. link --Nusa 14:57, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

2008-06-08 48 11[edit]

Sunday: Near Wörthsee/Ammersee. Train-Station: S 5 Seefeld-Hechendorf (outer district zone 2). A field at the Aubach creek. link

Been there. Not really accessible. BB

Saturdays meeting point was near Aichach, above Augsburg. Not good.


Thursday, 5 June 2008: The village of Ampermoching, near Dachau at the Amper River. Nearest train station: S 2 Hebertshausen (outer district zone 1). Seems like nobody went.

2008-06-01 48 11[edit]

Sunday's location is on a field near Etting, between A92 and Erding - again somewhat close to the Airport (stange..)

Been there, check the page - BB 18:32, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

2008-05-31 48 11[edit]

Saturday's location is in a forest somewhere between Oberpfaffenhofen and Starnberg.

User:Abunai was there. It didn't look like anyone else had been there.

2008-05-30 48 11[edit]

Friday's location is firetruckin' beautiful again, right next to the Isar about as far North as Hallbergmoos. zb says: "Time and weather permitting, I will head there by bike in the late afternoon, stay for a while and maybe head on to the airport. The spot should be easily accessible by bike. I guess I might reach it around 6:30pm or 7:00pm. This will make for a very nice bike ride. Just start somewhere in Munich and ride the bike lane on the Isar's right hand side until you get to the location. This particular bike lane, btw, is my absolute favourite among all bike lanes in Munich."

2008-05-29 48 11[edit]

Thursdays Location is some field near Garching, between Ismaning and Hallbergmoos. Seems reachable, at least with Munich public transportation. Anyone going? -- zb says: "The location near Munich, Germany is very cool again: Close to Zengermoos, somewhat NNE of the City. I have done many very nice bike rides in this beautiful area. Definitely worth a visit. I really can recommend it big time. I hope I will find time to check it out. By the way: The location's nerd factor is high, maybe 3k9 on a scale from 0 to 4k7. This is because it is very close to the beautiful AM and FM radio transmitting station München-Ismaning (English: [1]; German, with more pictures:[2]). In addition, the location appears to be directly below a high voltage power line. If anyone is willing to bring an aerial or a coil, there might be a chance to use the surrounding electromagnetic fields to power up small bulbs or LEDs. Or even a notebook, who knows? FCC-like regulations shall be obeyed during all experiments, though. We don't want to mess with e.on or the Telekom. Also, coming from the City, it is just another 30 min bike ride from the location to the south fence of Munich's airport where awesome plane spotting locations can be found right next to beautiful nature. The contrast of nature and the airport's concrete desert never fails to amaze me when I am there. There is also a bike lane running like a circle through the middle of the airport and along its south perimeter."

2008-05-27 48 11[edit]

The location for 2008-05-27 will be in Munich again.

  • bock is planning to have a short visit by bike. I made it!
  • Tinerl will drop by at around 6pm or 4pm if her professor is sick again..

2008-05-24 48 11[edit]

Meeting on 2008-05-24 will happen, add yourself if you plan to come:

  • ray
  • Sec
  • Snarf
  • hoeni

The point was successfully visited. only 6 people attended. Pictures will follow.

Also two people independently went to the wrong place, but didn't meet. :)