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This is a map of all graticules containing parts of Louisiana, U.S.A.

Virgin Graticules are orange, the green or blue ones (="deflowered" graticules) will give the name(s) of the first geohasher(s) in that graticule and a link to the virgin expedition. Graticules are colored blue upon the first expedition where the coordinates are reached within the graticule, if the coordinates are not within Louisiana. They are colored green the first time coordinates in Louisiana are reached for that graticule. Maps for other region may follow a different convention.

N\E -94 -93 -92 -91 -90 -89 -88
33 Texarkana Magnolia Camden Monticello
32 Longview
Robyn #
TX side only
Robyn #
Monroe Bastrop Jackson
Uglystick #
31 Nacogdoches
Uglystick #
TX side only
Natchitoches Alexandria Natchez
30 Lake Charles
Robyn #
TX side only
Lafayette Baton Rouge New Orleans (NW) New Orleans (NE)
Atreides #MS side only
29 Port Arthur
Phineas #
Abbeville Morgan City New Orleans (SW)
Mtastic #
New Orleans (SE) Les Îles de
28 Southern