Istanbul, Turkey

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Burgas, Bulgaria 42,28 Black Sea Black Sea
Lüleburgaz Istanbul - Rumeli Istanbul - Anadolu 41,30
40,27 Dagakcakoy Kosekoy Kuplu

The city of Istanbul spans the graticules of 41,28 and 41,29, as well as the continents of Europe and Asia. It used to be the capital until it moved to Ankara in the 1920s, but it's still the largest city in Turkey.

There's lots of water, but that's alright, since mass transit goes everywhere and the city has so many graticules close by. As for the land, the concrete jungle seems to be everywhere at first glance, but there's actually lots of small patches of green that the urban sprawl forgot: The trouble is getting there, and that's where we come in!

Fun fact: There is actually a tiny patch of land in the northwest corner of the west graticule which belongs to Bulgaria, so we also span borders. And speaking of bits of land, some third of the city lies in the two southern graticules, but they were not included in this page as that was deemed more accurate.

Land usage for Rumeli:

85.75%  Water
12.23%  Settlements
1.11%   Roads
0.43%   Intercity Highways
0.28%   Industrial
0.20%   Highways

Local geohashers[edit]

  • Superbest, and whoever he manages to drag along with him.


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January, 2010[edit]

16th of January - Talk about dogged determination.

June, 2009[edit]

15th of June - Accursed canines.
13th of June - A ragtag group of unsuspecting acquaintances coerced into participating volunteers wage bitter battle on bafflingly bewitching beef.
12th of June - "Look at me still talking when there's science to do/When I look up there it makes me glad I'm not you!"
9th of June - So what's this jeer harsh thing you speak of?