Innsbruck, Austria/Expeditions

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Date Participants Description Result
Arrow4.png 2019-08-10 Claralucia9 In a forest south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2019-05-30 Solli Somewhere Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2019-04-19 Claralucia9 In lake Achensee just off the beach from a small marina. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-12-31 Claralucia9 A meadow close to Altkirchen, South of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-12-15 Danatar in at the edge of the Hofoldinger Forst forest south of Munich, near th... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-10-06 Claralucia9 In a field between Sauerlach and Otterfing, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-09-01 1-0, Karioke Neustift im Stubaital near Obere Bacherwandalm Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-08-10 Claralucia9 In a meadow in Kleinkarolinenfeld, close to Aying, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-03-31 Claralucia9 Close to the A12 motorway in the area of the community of Pirchat Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-02-19 Claralucia9 Lochhofen, Sauerlach, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2018-01-16 Claralucia9 On a forest road between Faistenhaar and Aying, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-12-30 Claralucia9 on a hill between Dietramszell and Geretsried, south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-12-15 EoGL A field in Feldafing, Starnberg District, Bavaria. Luckily, it’s not access... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-11-26 TheOneRing on a meadow near Raisting. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-06-08 Claralucia9 In a forest close to Sauerlach south of Munich Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-04-29 Claralucia9 Close to the roadside just outside of Kleinhatpenning, south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2017-03-29 Claralucia9 Next to the train station in Sauerlach, South of Munich Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2017-02-08 Rincewind In Zillertal, Austria, somewhere at the end of route B169 leading through t... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2017-01-29 Claralucia9 In a forest close to Aying south of Munich Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-10-30 TheOneRing in a forest near Ebenhausen. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-10-19 TheOneRing on the shore of Lake Starnberg. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2016-02-13 TheOneRing in a forest near Benediktbeuern. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2016-02-08 TheOneRing next to a barn near Weilheim. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-11-08 TheOneRing on a meadow between Raisting and Pähl. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-10-11 TheOneRing on a meadow near Weilheim. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-10-03 TheOneRing in a forest near Straßlach. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2015-07-28 TheOneRing on a meadow near Tutzing. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2015-07-19 TheOneRing in the city of Mittenwald. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-07-02 hans, Juja, the usual ninja About 200 meters away from a forest road between Krün (Finzalm) and Garmisc... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-05-25 TheOneRing on a meadow near Deining. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-04-25 TheOneRing in a forest near Raisting. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-01-18 TheOneRing next to the river Inn, in the city of Innsbruck (AUT) near the Westbahnhof ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-11-29 TheOneRing in a forest near the Erdfunkstelle Raisting (sorry, only in German). Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-09-16 LeslieHapablap, GuyIncognito A meadow near Wattens. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-08-03 TheOneRing on or next to the street between Maisting and Starnberg. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-26 TheOneRing next to the street between Penzberg and Bichl. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-13 Waltraud, GuyIncognito, LeslieHapablap The Roßkopf summit (30 m from the peak). Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-04 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap Schlögelsbach near Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-06-09 LeslieHapablap At a forest road near Grinzens. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-28 OwlOnAWheel, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud On a mountain bike downhill trail, directly beneath the Hungerburg cable ca... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-26 Waltraud, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, OwlOnAWheel, GuyIncognito, LeslieHapablap Innsbruck Pradl, in front of a church. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-25 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap In a forest near Telfs, close to the river Inn. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-24 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap Above Schwaz near Proxnalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-18 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap At a tennis club near Axams. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-01 QuarterCacher, M Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-04-16 Waltraud, LeslieHapablap, 1-0 On a field near Thaur, a few kilometers from Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-03-30 TheOneRing in a forest between Huglfing and Westenried. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-01-09 OwlOnAWheel, FlairTending, Waltraud, 1-0, UpsideDown, LeslieHapablap On a field a little west of Innsbruck, between motorway and Inn. Again, too... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-12-03 UpsideDown, Waltraud, 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, RunningSushi, OwlOnAWheel, LeslieHapablap The driveway of some very fancy houses at Hungerburg, Innsbruck. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-10-26 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Inntal above Pettnau, 1100m altitude, 50m off from a hiking trail. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-10-24 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Natters near Innsbruck, Sonnenburg-Brennerstraße. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-14 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Navis valley, near Mislalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-08-24 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Stubaital, near Mischbachalm. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-22 1-0, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud Near Stallenalm, Karwendel. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-14 1-0, LeslieHapablap, Waltraud On a picnic area of the Inntal-freeway. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-08 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Innsbruck, near Hungerburg-Bahn valley station, conveniently located next t... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-05 Zertrin Next to the S-Bahn rail-tracks in the Deisenhofener Forest, 15 km south of ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-05-01 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap Woods near Grainau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-04-28 Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap On a meadow in the middle of the village Thaur, opposite to the priest's of... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-02-28 Zertrin, vermouthandgin Next to the Isar canal, close to Kloster Schäftlarn, 15 km south of Munich.... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-11-06 Rogenheck In the middle of the city of Wolfratshausen, unfortunately on private groun... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2012-08-04 QuarterCacher Somewhere Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-08-03 QuarterCacher Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-08-02 QuarterCacher, M, Ricki Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-17 Locationmaster, DerFlob, Scherzkeks, The T-Man In a small forest at the shore of the Ammersee lake, between Utting and Die... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-03-01 The T-Man In a small forest near Gmund, Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany. Well, they alway... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-08-23 Robert Somewhere in between Geretsried and Dietramszell Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-05-23 Robert In a forest near Andechs Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-30 Robert, Ekorren On a meadow or field near Bad Kohlgrub. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2011-04-28 Robert In a field near Aying Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-10-27 Wade, Robyn in a field south of Unhof, near the Ammersee Lake. (Yes, we know that Ammer... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-06-26 dawidi I got up at 4:00 and left home at 6:50 for the central station. After chang... Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2010-05-16 zb NW of Aying, close to the RR Crossing of the S-Bahn and road St 2070 and ne... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-04-05 zb South of Tutzing, very close to the railroad tracks from Tutzing to Kochel.... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2010-03-13 The T-Man, DerFlob This Saturday's hash was on a hill near the village of Großhartpenning in s... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-01-31 Danatar in a snow-covered field or meadow near Schlitters in the Zillertal, not far... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2009-12-30 zb In a forest approx. 250 m NW of the edge of the little lake Aufhofener We... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-06-26 prijks In the forest near Dürrnhaar. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-05-21 dawidi I got up at 4:00, left home at 6:15, and arrived at the central station in ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-04-05 Baerenfell Just at the point where a path went into the forest near Aumühle. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2009-02-21 Harleydavidsonandy On a path along the high-way, north-east of Bach. Link to the location Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2009-02-06 Harleydavidsonandy was very close to the A8 north of Holzkirchen in the middle of the woods. D... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2008-11-09 Umeier was located inside swampy grassland in the forest near Ambach at Lake Starn... Succeeded