Inari, Finland

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69,26 Utsjoki Sevettijärvi
68,26 Inari 68,28
Sodankylä Pyhäjärvi Savukoski

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Today's Location: [Inari]


The Inari graticule is at latitude 68, longitude 27.

Inari is the largest municipality by area in Finland filling almost the entire graticule and stretching deep in neighboring graticules as well. With surface area of 17300 square kilometers it's slightly larger than Connecticut and slightly smaller than Slovenia.

The main village Ivalo, namesake Inari and main tourist centre Saariselkä all fall within this graticule. Remote wilderness areas make up most of the rest. Hiking and snowmobile in winter are the most likely ways you need to use if you want to reach a hashpoint here. The journey can easily take longer than a day or two, which makes the sport in Inari a true challenge.


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