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Comic Creator[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

A python class to recreate the original comic, but for any given date with your own coordinates! Created by Hugo.

The comic creator has been moved to github:

It used to run as a cgi service, but these are all down now.

In the image, Dow values less than 10,000.00 are padded with leading spaces, however in the algorithm it is not so it is compliant with other the algorithms. As Tim P suggested, the comic is akin to all the bank cheques with "19__" printed on them being used in 2000. The "form" has 5+2 "boxes" because that's how Dow prices are now, but that doesn't mean it can't be different.

  • The font sizes are not exactly as the original and there can still be some alignment problems.
  • The -0 issue is ignored. Only if you enter -0 as an integer you get an incorrect outcome. You are supposed to enter your own location as a float, up to 6 decimals, everything is okay even when you enter -0.0.

Automatic GPX File Generator[edit]

This implementation IS NOT 30W-compliant.

I have modified the sample perl implementation so that it automatically generates a .gpx file which you can upload to your favourite GPS device/software. Download here Before you use the script, you need to modify it and put your own lat/lon values into the corresponding variables at the beginning. -- Wansti

GeohashGenerator for Popfly[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

I have created a Popfly block to use for creating mashups at Can be integrated with Virtual Earth, etc. --rbuckton

Geohash module for phenny IRC bot (currently offline)[edit]

Provides geohashing related lookups and helpful functions for the #geohashing IRC channel. Documentation at: Relet/Shmulik

Hashie (IRC bot)[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

Because the above bot and relet are not online Eupeodes created a new bot. Over the coming time features will be implemented in an attempt to fill the gap left by shmulik. Documentation can be found on Eupeodes/Hashie

Probability Calculators[edit]

These do not calculate the hash, but instead the probability of the hashpoint to land in certain areas.

  • Land usage - calculates the probability of certain types of land (forests, water, and the like).
  • Public transport probability - calculates the probability of a certain distance from public transport.


The HashPlacer is a perl script that allows you to define limit boxes on a map, and will notify you via email if the day's geohash point lands in one of these boxes. This is especially useful if you define a limit box surrounding your favorite park, or your neighborhood, or even your couch. Currently the only areas supported are "boxes"... two latitude points and two longitude points define the corners of a graticule-shaped "box".



GeoHistory is a perl script that outputs a [kml] file containing every historical geohash point in a specific graticule since a specified date. This can be used to get a retroactive Couch Potato Award, apply for a Curse of Unawareness Award, or simply study past geohash points.


notify-send bash tool[edit]

Linux users can use this bash script to give them desktop warnings of nearby geohashes. notify-send, bc, sed, xml_grep are needed to run the tool. It will but has not been tested within cron at the time of this writting.[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

Alech built a web service to get the hash point for a given graticule and day (or for all currently known upcoming ones) in GPX format for use with QLandkarte GT and his Garmin eTrex Legend HCX. It also supports surrounding graticules and has a neat little hack to look up neighbouring (bus, tram, train) stops (this has nothing to do with GPX, OTOH). Check out its documentation, Git repository or information how to use it with QLandkarte GT and let me know any feature requests/bug reports. The hash point data comes from relet's JSON web service, BTW. --Alech 15:07, 18 March 2012 (EDT)