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[edit] Interactive Coordinate Calculator

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

The original interactive coordinate calculator can be found at Here are some notes on Using the Coordinate Calculator. The common URL,, redirects here.

Any problems or issues should be mentioned to Zigdon either on the wiki or in the [#geohashing channel on], as well as posted at Talk:Implementations.

The source code is available here:

[edit] Small Hash Inquiry Tool

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

Small Hash Inquiry Tool is an online tool Ekorren built to his own needs but later rebuilt to be globally usable.

Compared to the nifty tools like those for the iPhone, this one looks ugly to the end. Which was intended as it should be stripped from all colourful overhead, featuring just basic compressed information, all on one page and from everywhere.


  • lists up to nine nearby hashpoints per day, today and upcoming (no retro)
  • may be called from a bookmark without needing further input
  • calculates approximate distance and direction
  • shows the location on configurable maps on request
  • includes the globalhash
  • does it all at once, and
  • is so basic that it works from virtually every phone which isn't entirely incapable of browsing.

Usage information is available from its own page.

[edit] Active Geohasher

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

Active geohasher is a web application by Sermoa which provides resources for geohashers. The site used to be able to send email, but resource limits have prevented it from doing so for the time being. One can use a browser to view a page containing the address, distance from your home location, and useful links. It also tells you the globalhash.

The site provides graticule integration with twitter, flickr and youtube. A google earth feed is provided per gratiucule. Every geohash has a page showing various google maps, useful links and a PDF poster which you can download and print to take to the geohash.

Active geohasher is open source (written in Ruby on Rails). Please contribute if you have ideas or would like to translate it into a different language. There is also a twitter account that delivers news and direct message geohashing notifications: @activegeohasher

Note: as of May 2013, the website has been down ("Offline for Maintenance") for several months.

[edit] Eupeodes's geohashing map

Eupeodes's geohashing map
This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

A new implementation using google maps api v3. Gives 3 x 3 hashes, with option to download as GPX. Uses geo.crox as data source. This implementation works very well on iOS devices and on desktop. Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone are not tested yet since I don't have them.


  • lat - latitude of the initial graticule
  • lon - longitude of the initial graticule
  • date - initial date in YYYY-MM-DD format


See User:Eupeodes/Geohashing_Map for more information

[edit] Geohashing Poster Tool

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
sample output

This tool produces a PDF document that can be printed out, similar to the ones that were available from Active Geohasher.

Posters are available from the following URL:[date]_[lat]_[lon]

Minimal globalhash support is also available:[date]_global

From an expedition page, you can link to the poster like this:

 [{{FULLPAGENAME}} Poster for this expedition]

For more information, credits and feedback, see User:Crox/Poster.