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Geohash Droid (Android)[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
Scan to find the app in the Market

Geohash Droid, a small, (so far) simple little Geohashing app for Android phones, can be found in the Google Play Store as a free app. So far, it gets the stock and hash values, plots it out, and follows you as you get closer to it. It also has wiki-updating features (not since recaptcha was installed) and can automatically figure out what graticule has the closest point to where you are. Simple, effective. There's more stuff planned, but that's later.

The project itself is hosted on GitHub. The most recent version (as per this writing) is If you go from the Play Store (far easier), feel free to leave reviews and such. If you have something specific to say, please file an issue at the GitHub site or email me.

Geohashing for the iPhone[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
Geohashing screenshot

I leave you my application for iPhone. You can download it for free following this link (app is no longer available).

Please take a look and give your thoughts on my talk page.


  • Local and Global geohashing calculation
  • Integrated map
  • Reverse geocoding if available
  • Links to the most popular geohashing sites
  • Uses Relet Web Service
  • Sharing options:
    • Message (SMS & iMessage if available)
    • Mail
    • Twitter (iOS 5 or superior)
    • Facebook
  • Offers map the route (local or global if it possible) on iOS Map's application
  • Offers map some dinner/food places or parks to visit on iOS Map's application
  • Automatic refresh when the day changes

Geohash for the iPhone[edit]

This implementation IS PARTIALLY 30W-compliant.
Geohash screenshot

Geohash for the iPhone is available here in the app store (for free) (no longer works in iOS 11+). The app is partially 30W compliant. It produces the correct coordinates, but doesn't allow you to select tomorrow's date (during the week) or Monday (from Friday afternoon onward). -- Contact:

Geohashing for Windows Phone 8[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.

Geohashing for Windows Phone (link) is a free and open source geohashing app. Notable features:

  • Pin locations to the start screen to immediately see where and how far away today's geohash is (updates automatically)
  • Full support of past and future geohashes, as long as the DJIA is available
  • Can show you the nearest geohash instead of the one for your current graticule
  • Send geohash location to the Maps app for navigation instructions

Usage: When opening the app, your location is detected and the according geohash loaded. To change the location for which you want to see the geohash, tap and hold anywhere on the map. Everything else should hopefully be clear.


This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
macHasher screenshot

Scottkuma worked feverishly to:

  1. learn Apple OSX Programming and...
  2. put together a geohash calculator for the Mac.

It's a normal mac application - drag it to your Applications folder, OR just run it from inside the DMG. I think I compiled it as a Universal Binary. If you can't run it on a particular system and/or version of OSX, please let me know.


Start by entering your graticule's Lat/Long numbers. The given numbers are for Cincinnati, Ohio.

For today's graticule, just click "Generate!" For dates in the past (or the near-future, for Saturday & Sunday graticules), select the date on the calendar, then click "Generate!"

Known bugs
  • Requires a valid network connection; locks pretty good when one doesn't exist.
  • does not calculate east of -30 correctly for dates prior to 5/27/2008
  • window doesn't lock its size like I thought it would...
Planned enhancements
  • will allow for saving of a known "home" location
  • will calculate distance & bearing to a known location
  • will calculate same for adjacent graticules to find a closer geohash

Nokia N900[edit]

This implementation IS FULLY 30W-compliant.
Social adventure screenshot

The Tablet of Adventure is a social adventure gaming tool that supports geohashes. It is available for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) from Maemo Extras.

With TToA you can seek geohashes in your area or create your own collaborative adventures and share them via Qaiku.

Source code is available from GitHub.


The current geohash location can be attained via the mobile app YO by sending a location YO (or @YO) to YOGEOHASH.