Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Leadore Dubois West Yellowstone, Montana
Arco Idaho Falls Rexburg
Burley Pocatello Preston

Today's location: not yet announced

The Idaho Falls, Idaho graticule is at latitude 43, longitude -112. It covers the majority of Idaho Falls. Boundaries are just north of Hamer, south of Fort Hall, West of Atomic City and the most-notable boundary (eastern, moving into -111) roughly paralleling Woodruff (111 includes Ammon, ID.)

This graticule is presumed to be "virgin." If you have (or have previously had) a successful expedition, award yourself the Virgin Graticule achievement, and please record the graticule's deflowered status here and on the Idaho page.

Notable Dates[edit]

* May 24th first visit
* May 19th (entered experimentally on a lark): 
       Not likely... swampy area 1 mile east 
       of McTucker Springs
* May 30th Location in lava floes 
       northwest of junction of I-15 and US-30.
* June 28th - Will be visiting Idaho Falls, 
       plan on attempt. -James- 
       watch this space for details
* December 9th, 2009 - Visited here and Rexburg page (43, -111) to see if there has been any of yet, it appears not. 
       Because -James- used a semi-diary format, I have as well.    Will be checking back here periodically. Notes this might not 
       be useable in Google Chrome (doesn't look right when I try to do coordinates). This looks like potentially a lot of fun...
       an adventure ;) -r