Geohash on Private Property

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People have arrived at your property claiming to be geohashers. They are trying to visit a spot that has been chosen for them by random chance. They will usually have either have a GPS receiver or a map printout showing where the spot is.

What Are They Doing?[edit]

They are trying to get to the exact spot shown on their map or device, just to get there. They hope to meet other people, take their pictures, and play games at the determined spot. If you permit, they will leave some kind of temporary marker there: a pattern of pinecones or some chalk marks, perhaps.

How Many Are Coming?[edit]

No one knows how many people will turn up. Often there is only one. You don't need to worry about anyone coming back. The geohash will be at this location for one day only. It is extremely unlikely that the meeting point will ever be on your property again. The geohashers themselves would consider it an exciting honour to have the geohash land on or even near their property.

What Do They Want of Me[edit]

Only your permission to respectfully enter your property. You would be welcome to join them. Come for a game of cards, a picnic, and some photo taking. Bring out a Twister game set and you will be recorded as a hero in geohashing history.

What's In It For Me?[edit]

You might be able to talk some geohashers into helping you stack firewood, pick rocks out of your field or solve a problem on your home computer. If you have a business, get the geohashers to take a picture of your sign or your business card in order to give you some free advertising when they announce their adventures on the Internet.

Geohashing rules ask participants to respect private property, and to ask permission if their adventure takes them onto private property.

Didn't You See the Sign? Consider that the geohashers may not have arrived through the fence or up the driveway, but may have followed a compass bearing through the woods, or come across the river, or just been so focused on the adventure that they did see any signs. Sorry. Can we please come on your property?

Look What You Did! Geohashers get achievement awards for respecting no trespassing signs, for getting permission to visit property and for cleaning up trash already present at the site. There are no awards for illegal trespass, property damage or littering, and if geohashers do that on your property, other geohashers would like to know about it.

Thank you so much for allowing the Internet to visit you today.

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