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This achievement was proposed in the past, but has fallen into limbo. Please read the discussion page for more details.

This proposal has not found enough support to be accepted, nor enough opposition to be rejected. In particular, the following issue(s) need to be resolved before it is going to be accepted:

  • The actual achievement conditions need work

Award yourself this achievement if you have earned real money during your geohashing expedition. You qualify if and only if you have more money in your wallet than before you started. You must have honestly earned (or found¹) the money - not just used an ATM machine.

The intention of course is to come up with some extraordinary ways of earning money while hashing. Just doing your regular work is a bit boring, but may qualify if you are paid in cash. Doing some work that earns you your paycheck at the end of the month definitely does not qualify.

Need for discussion: Should this ribbon take into account the accumulating costs of your expedition? If yes, how could these be calculated? Just the tickets/gasoline you spent? Average maintenance costs of your car? Carbon footprint? Or just having to earn enough money to balance them all? The other (my preferred) option would be to just take into account the earnings, but not the costs which occurred during the expedition. Discuss!

¹If you happen to find copious amounts of money, which you may have to report to the local authorities, you may still claim this ribbon and award yourself something extra for your honesty. The same applies if you encounter the person who lost the money and return it. Unless that person is part of your expedition you sneaky bastards!


needs another icon mebbe

Guinness and Jeppzer earned the Geocashing achievement
by earning real, hard money during the (68, 17) geohash on 2008-10-16.