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You can support this wiki by editing, going to the events listed :D, and buying stuff from the xkcd store.

GPS Donations[edit]

There are many hardworking geohashers out there who cannot (yet) afford a GPS device. If you have an unused secondary (tertiary, etc.) GPS device, please consider to donate it to the community. It will give someone else the chance to visit more hashes, and make the wiki and the world a better place!

Because of the various boundary conditions (shipping, taxes, personal support), it is always up to the donor to choose the recipient of his gift. But it will certainly help to provide a record of your expedition reports and equip your reports with high-quality write-ups and photos.

Available hardware[edit]

Add yourself if you have any GPS hardware to offer.

Hama USB GPS mouse[edit]

basic soldering required

Then glue/stick the antenna to the shielded reverse side of the mainboard. Contact: relet 18:59, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Past Donors[edit]

Eternal fame and gratitude.

  • ...

Active no-batteries hashers seeking GPS[edit]

Add yourself if you would accept a donation.