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The following is a list of renaming suggestions for graticules, based on the database, based strictly on city size. Many of them are just

  • differences in transcription
  • split cities that have named two graticules
  • split cities that have not been considered because they are only partly in the graticule in question
  • or there are other excellent reasons not to name a graticule after the largest city it contains.

but some of the suggestions are actually reasonable. If you happen to have a lazy afternoon/evening, feel free to browse this list, compare population sizes in wikipedia or whatever better source you have available, and to confirm or disprove these suggestions.

If you can confirm any renaming suggestion as sensible, please try to

  • in the case of USA, Canada or Australia: identify the correct state for the graticule.
  • contact any local geohashers and ask them for their opinion (if there are any, wait for a response before proceeding).
  • change the name of the graticule on the correct subpage in the Category:All graticules.
  • move the old graticule page to the new name.

Mark the graticule below as

  • (confirmed) - yes, the suggested city is larger that the current namesake
  • (moved) - the change has been made
  • (not to be moved) - the graticule is not to be renamed, for other reasons (please specify)

or simply remove it from the list, if it is completely irrelevant (e.g. in the case of transcription differences).

The first name on the line is the PROPOSED new name. The second name is the CURRENT name.


73,-56: Tasiusaq, Greenland for Innaarsuit, Greenland.
73,-55: Naajat, Greenland for Naajaat, Greenland.
71,-53: Nuugaatsiaq, Greenland for Illorsuit, Greenland.
71,24: Havøysund, Norway for Havøysund North, Norway.
71,25: Skarsvåg, Norway for Honningsvåg North, Norway.
70,-150: Nuiqsut, Alaska for Nuiksut, Alaska.
70,-52: Qaarsut, Greenland for Uummannaq, Greenland.
70,-22: Kap Hope, Greenland for Itterajivit, Greenland.
70,21: Sørvær, Norway for Bergsfjord, Norway.
70,25: Honningsvåg, Norway for Honningsvåg South, Norway.


69,-53: Diskofjord, Greenland for Kangerluk, Greenland.
69,15: Myre, Norway for Bleik, Norway.
69,19: Storsteinnes, Norway for Tromsø East, Norway.
69,21: Storslett, Norway for Nordreisa, Norway.
69,30: Zapolyarnyy, Russia for Zapolyarny, Russia.

68,-51: Christianshåb, Greenland for Qasigiannguit, Greenland.
68,13: Evjen, Norway for Leknes, Norway.
68,22: Kuttainen, Sweden for Karesuando, Sweden.
68,23: Enontekiö, Finland for Hetta, Finland.

67,13: Sørvågen, Norway for Moskenes, Norway.

66,-160: Selawik, Alaska for Selawik Lake, Alaska.
66,-147: Beaver, Alaska for Beaver (West), Alaska.
66,-52: Sarfannguaq, Greenland for Sarfannguit, Greenland.
66,12: Sandnessjøen, Norway for Leirfjord, Norway.
66,13: Ørnes, Norway for Rana, Norway.
66,15: Rokland, Norway for Røkland, Norway.

65,-150: Manley Hot Springs, Alaska for Rampart, Alaska.
65,-52: Sukkertoppen, Greenland for Maniitsoq, Greenland.
65,12: Brønnøysund, Norway for Brønnøy, Norway.

64,-161: Koyuk, Alaska for Shaktoolik, Alaska.
64,-146: Pleasant Valley, Alaska for Salcha, Alaska.
64,-145: Big Delta, Alaska for Delta Junction, Alaska.
64,-22: Keflavík, Iceland for Akranes, Iceland.
64,-20: Laugarvatn, Iceland for Flúðir, Iceland.

63,-162: Stebbins, Alaska for St. Michael, Alaska.
63,-149: Ferry, Alaska for Healy, Alaska.
63,-148: Healy, Alaska for Cantwell, Alaska.
63,-145: Paxson, Alaska for Deltana, Alaska.
63,-143: Tanacross, Alaska for Tok, Alaska.
63,-142: Tok, Alaska for Tetlin, Alaska.
63,-22: Njarðvík, Iceland for Keflavík, Iceland.
63,-21: Þorlákshöfn, Iceland for Selfoss West, Iceland.
63,-20: Selfoss, Iceland for Selfoss East, Iceland.
63,-19: Vík, Iceland for Vík í Mýrdal West, Iceland.
63,-18: Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland for Vík í Mýrdal East, Iceland.
63,9: Kyrksæterøra, Norway for Orkanger, Norway.
63,16: Hammarstrand, Sweden for Ragunda, Sweden.
To be moved. Ragunda is the municipality (which spans several graticules), Hammarstrand the largest settlement.

62,-158: Flat, Alaska for Flat (West), Alaska.
62,-146: Tazlina, Alaska for Mendeltna, Alaska.
62,-49: Frederikshåb, Greenland for Paamiut North, Greenland.
62,113: Mirnyy, Russia for Mirnyy (Sakha), Russia.
62,139: Нежданинское, Russia for Nezhdaninskoye, Russia.
I don't think it's a good idea to switch scripts unless everything is going to be in its native script.

61,-160: Tuluksak, Alaska for Kalskag, Alaska.
61,-156: Stony River, Alaska for Stony River - Big Lake, Alaska.
61,-148: Lazy Mountain, Alaska for Sutton, Alaska.
61,-48: Grønnedal, Greenland for Kangilinnguit, Greenland.
61,-6: Argir, Faroe Islands for Tvoroyri, Faroe Islands.
61,4: Kalvåg, Norway for Bremanger, Norway.
61,8: Lom, Norway for Fossbergom, Norway.
61,12: Trysil, Norway for Innbygda, Norway.

61,29: Kerimäki, Finland for Punkaharju, Finland.
May be moved. Kerimäki is larger.

60,-165: Toksook Bay, Alaska for Tununak, Alaska.
60,-164: Chefornak, Alaska for Nightmute, Alaska.
60,-162: Kasigluk, Alaskafor Eek, Alaska.
60,-146: Tatitlek, Alaska for Orca Bay, Alaska.
60,-44: Narsaq Kujalleq, Greenland for Narsarmijit, Greenland.
60,6: Vossevangen, Norway for Voss, Norway.
60,12: Kongsvinger, Norway for Kongsvinger East, Norway.

60,13: Hagfors, Sweden for Malung, Sweden.
May be moved. Hagfors is larger (by about 1000 inh.)

60,15: Borlänge, SE for Falun, Sweden.
Debatable. Borlänge is larger, but Falun is more important and better known.

60,20: Lemland, Finland for Kumlinge, Finland.
Debatable. Lemland is larger.


59,-155: Igiugig, Alaska for Iliamna Lake (West), Alaska.
59,-154: Kokhanok, Alaska for Iliamna Lake (East), Alaska.
59,-150: Fox River, Alaska for McCarty Fjord, Alaska.
59,-136: Mosquito Lake, Alaska for Glacier Bay National Preserve (North), Alaska.
59,-135: Haines, Alaska for Skagway, Alaska.
59,7: Hovden, Norway for Åmot, Norway.
59,9: Porsgrunn, Norway for Skien, Norway.
59,11: Halden, Norway for Sarpsborg, Norway.

58,-158: Clarks Point, Alaska for Clark's Point, Alaska.
58,-157: Naknek, Alaska for Kvichak Bay, Alaska.
58,-156: King Salmon, Alaska for Naknek, Alaska.
58,-152: Aleneva, Alaska for Perenosa Bay, Alaska.
58,-136: Elfin Cove, Alaska for Glacier Bay, Alaska.
58,-135: Hoonah, Alaska for Gustavus, Alaska.
58,6: Egersund, Norway for Egersund East, Norway.
58,7: Kristiansand, Norway for Kristiansand West, Norway.
58,8: Arendal, Norway for Kristiansand East, Norway.
58,115: Kropotkin, Russia for Kropotkin (Irkutsk), Russia.

57,-170: Saint Paul, Alaska for St. Paul, Alaska.
57,-154: Karluk, Alaska for Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.
In areas as sparsely settled as this, it makes sense to name graticules after large parks or geographical features that span most of the graticule rather than hamlets. If geohashers a few graticules away were planning a visit, what would they call it?
57,-136: Pelican, Alaska for Lisianski Inlet, Alaska.
57,-133: Hobart Bay, Alaska for Port Houghton, Alaska.
57,-6: Portree, United Kingdom for Skye, United Kingdom.

56,-169: Saint George, Alaska for St. George, Alaska.
56,-158: Chignik Lake, Alaska for Chignik, Alaska.
56,-133: Kake, Alaska for Keku Strait, Alaska.
56,-132: Petersburg, Alaska for Wrangell, Alaska.
56,-5: Fort William, United Kingdom for Oban, United Kingdom.
56,-3: Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom for Perth, United Kingdom.

56,11: Liseleje, Denmark for Anholt, Denmark.
Debatable. Liseleje is a village in the very corner of the graticule, Anholt a somewhat known island. Although Liseleje houses more inhabitants, Anholt is definitely better known and defines the location better.

56,26: Līvāni, Latvia for Madona, Latvia.
Debatable. While Līvāni seems to be larger, Madona is better known and an administrational centre.

55,-159: Ivanof Bay, Alaska for Perryville, Alaska.
55,-8: Gaoth Dobhair, Ireland for Derrybeg, Ireland.
55,-7: Bun Cranncha, Ireland for Derry, United Kingdom.
55,-2: Berwick-Upon-Tweed, United Kingdom for Jedburgh, United Kingdom.
55,-1: North Shields, United Kingdom for Blyth, United Kingdom.

55,22: Telšiai, Lithuania for Tauragė, Lithuania.
Debatable. Telšiai is slightly larger (by ca. 25%), but located at the very border of the graticule. Small parts of Telšiai are already in 56,22.

55,27: Hlybokaye, Belarus for Krāslava, Latvia.

54,-9: Béal An Átha, Ireland for Ballina, Ireland.
54,-8: Sligeach, Ireland for Sligo, Ireland.
54,-7: Londonderry County Borough, United Kingdom for Omagh, United Kingdom.
54,-1: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK for Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.
54,8: Westerland, Germany for Tønder, Denmark.
:May be moved - Westerland is slightly larger (by about 25%)
54,21: Chernyakhovsk, Russia for Giżycko, Poland.

53,-10: An Clochán, Ireland for Clifden, Ireland.
53,-8: Béal Átha na Sluaighe, Ireland for Loughrea, Ireland.
53,-7: An Muileann gCearr, Ireland for Mullingar, Ireland.
53,-4: Bangor, United Kingdom for Anglesey, United Kingdom.
53,-2: Liverpool, United Kingdom for Manchester, United Kingdom.
53,-1: Leeds, United Kingdom for Sheffield, United Kingdom.
53,-0: Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom for Hull, United Kingdom.
53,4: Den Burg, Netherlands for Texel, Netherlands.

52,-10: An Daingean, IE for Dingle, Ireland.
52,-9: Trá Lí, IE for Tralee, Ireland.
52,-7: Port Láirge, IE for Waterford, Ireland.
52,-6: Ceatharlach, IE for Carlow, Ireland.
52,-3: Oswestry, UK for Mid Wales, United Kingdom.
52,-2: Wolverhampton, UK for Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

51,-10: Cahersiveen, IE for Caherciveen, Ireland.
51,-9: Beanntraí, IE for Bantry, Ireland.
51,-7: Eochaill, IE for Youghal, Ireland.
51,-4: Llanelli, UK for Barnstaple, United Kingdom.
51,-1: Oxford, UK for Swindon, United Kingdom.
:May be moved - Oxford is internationally well known in a way that Swindon is not.
51,10: Nordhausen, DE for Goslar, Germany.
:Debatable. Both towns are about the same size and importance. Currently Nordhausen is slightly larger, Goslar is better known and historically more important.
51,16: Wrocław West, Poland for Legnica, Poland
51,17: Wrocław East, Poland for Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
:Regarding two graticules above - Wrocław is the 4th largest city in Poland by population with over 634k while Legnica is 101k and Ostrów is 72k. The Wrocław Old Town's Main Square center is approx. at 51.110, 17.032 so the 17th meridian cuts the city almost through its center. Also Wrocław is known internationally a lot more than either Legnica or Ostrów.
51,24: Kovel', Ukraine for Kovel, Ukraine.
51,30: Славутич, Ukraine for Slavutych, Ukraine.
:Cyrillics again! Graticule names shouldn't be in other scripts.

50,-5: Falmouth, UK for Camborne, United Kingdom.
50,-2: Poole, UK for Weymouth, United Kingdom.
50,4: Brussels, BE for Bruxelles, Belgium.
:Proposing a third variant: "Bruxelles/Brussel, Belgium".
Brussels has a french majority, but is officially bilingual. Since language issues are very important to both Flemic and Wallonians (there is no such thing as a Belgian*) and using the wrong one can get you killed, I think it's appropriate to use the double spelling here. [Ekorren]
(* Actually there are twelve Belgians: The king and the soccer national team.)


49,-106: Gravelbourg, Canada for Lafleche, Saskatchewan.
49,-101: Carnduff, Canada for Redvers, Saskatchewan.
49,-100: Virden, Canada for Souris, Manitoba.
wmcduff: Leaning towards yes.  Virden is twice the size, though Souris is more central.
49,-98: Portage la Prairie, Canada for Morden, Manitoba.
wmcduff: Agreed. PlP is older and larger, and neither is terribly central.
49,-74: Chapais, Canada for Chibougamau, Québec.
49,-66: Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Canada for Cap Chat, Québec.
49,-56: Seal Cove, Canada for Springdale, Newfoundland and Labrador.

49,5: Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg for Verdun, France.
Debatable. Esch is larger, but Verdun is better known (mostly for the Battle of Verdun), also Esch is located at the very border of the graticule.
Danatar opposes moving, same reason.

49,21: Prešov, Slovakia for Bardejov, Slovakia.
Prešov is split.

48,-121: Granite Falls, USA for North Cascades National Park, Washington.
48,-120: Twisp, USA for Lake Chelan, Washington.
48,-113: North Browning, USA for Browning, Montana.
48,-110: Box Elder, USA for Rudyard, Montana.
48,-108: Fort Belknap Agency, USA for Harlem, Montana.
48,-105: Wolf Point, USA for Scobey, Montana.
48,-100: Bottineau, USA for Towner, North Dakota.
48,-99: Rugby, USA for Rocklake, North Dakota.
48,-98: Devils Lake, USA for Langdon, North Dakota.
48,-95: Roseau, USA for Warroad, Minnesota.
48,-93: Fort Frances, Canada for International Falls, Minnesota.
48,-92: Orr, USA for Voyageurs National Park (east), Minnesota.
48,-77: Senneterre, Canada for Val-d'Or, Québec.
:I've never heard of Senneterre. Val-d'Or is well-known.
wmcduff: Agreed. When in doubt, the team with a major junior hockey team should win. :)
48,-71: Alma, Canada for Saguenay, Québec.
wmcduff: Disagree.  I could see an arguement for Chicoutimi, but not Alma.
48,-69: Tadoussac, Canada for Forestville, Québec.
48,-54: Gambo, Canada for Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador.
wmcduff: Disagree.  Gander is much better known.
48,-53: Bonavista, Canada for Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador.
wmcduff: Agreed. Most of the grat is the Bonavista Peninsula.
48,1: Mantes-la-Jolie, FR for Chartres, France.
47,-123: Shelton, USA for Olympic National Park, Washington.
:Look at the graticule. The towns are completely dwarfed by the geography.
47,-121: Monroe, USA for Snoqualmie, Washington.
:Snoqualmie is not only a town, but the pass, the river and the region.
47,-115: Osburn, USA for Thompson Falls, Montana.
47,-114: Polson, USA for Flathead Lake, Montana.
47,-110: Fort Benton, USA for Stanford, Montana.
47,-108: Hays, USA for Grass Range, Montana.
47,-104: Glendive, USA for Sidney, Montana.
47,-102: New Town, USA for Halliday, North Dakota.
47,-101: Beulah, USA for Max, North Dakota.
47,-100: Wilton, USA for McClusky, North Dakota.
47,-99: Carrington, USA for Sykeston, North Dakota.
47,-98: Fort Totten, USA for Cooperstown, North Dakota.
47,-95: Red Lake, USA for Bagley, Minnesota.
47,-92: Hibbing, USA for Virginia, Minnesota.
47,-91: Ely, USA for Silver Bay, Minnesota.
47,-79: Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues, Canada for Temiskaming Shores, Ontario.
47,-70: Beaupré, Canada for Clermont, Québec.
47,-56: Miquelon, PM for McCallum, Newfoundland and Labrador.
47,-55: Grand Bank, Canada for Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador.
47,-4: Fouesnant, France for Quimper, France.
47,-2: Saint-Nazaire, France for Vannes, France.

47,9: Konstanz, Germany for Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.
Debatable, Konstanz is actually larger.

47,10: Kempten (Allgäu), Germany for Kempten, Germany.
Debatable, although the other places named Kempten are entirely unknown.

47,21: Oradea, Romania for Debrecen, Hungary.
While the cities have similar sizes, i'd suggest letting this one remain as-is, since a large part of the graticule is in Hungary. -- CrystyB

46,-123: Aberdeen, USA for Astoria, Oregon. - Objection
:I'd say Astoria is better known
46,-119: Kennewick, USA for Tri Cities, Washington. - Objection
:I'd say Tri Cities is better known
46,-117: Lewiston, USA for Pullman, Washington.
46,-116: Lewiston Orchards, USA for Lewiston, Idaho.

46,-112: Butte, USA for Helena, Montana.
Debatable. The population difference isn't major, and both cities are on the edge of the grat, with some of the city on the other side of the grat border. Helena may be more recognizable.

46,-109: Harlowton, USA for Harlowtown, Montana.
To be moved. Harlowton is the correct spelling, Harlowtown just a typo.

46,-107: Hysham, USA for Custer, Montana.
To be moved. Hysham is larger and more central.

46,-101: New Salem, USA for Flasher, North Dakota.
Debatable. New Salem is larger, but Flasher is more central. Also, it'd be a shame to get rid of a name like that. ;)

46,-99: Wishek, USA for Tappen, North Dakota.
To be moved. Wishek is significantly larger and more central.

46,-95: Detroit Lakes, USA for Perham, Minnesota.

46,-86: Munising, USA for Munsing, Michigan.
To be moved. Munsing is a typo, Munising is the correct name.

46,-83: Thessalon, Canada for Parkinson, Ontario.
46,-81: Espanola, Canada for Sudbury, Ontario.
46,-80: Greater Sudbury, Canada for Sudbury, Ontario.
46,-70: Saint-Côme--Linière, Canada for Saint-Georges, Québec.
46,-67: Houlton, USA for Woodstock, New Brunswick.
wmcduff: Agreed. Houlton is the larger of the border towns.
46,-65: Salisbury, Canada for Harcourt, New Brunswick.
46,-2: Saint-Jean-de-Monts, FR for L'Île-d'Yeu, France.

46,-1: La Rochelle, FR for La Roche-sur-Yon, France.
To be moved. La Rochelle is larger (by about 55%)

46,10: Tirano, Italy for Livigno, Italy.
46,23: Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár, Romania for Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Note: "Kolozsvár" is the (historical) Hungarian name. -- CrystyB

46,143: Novikovo, Russia for Ozerskoye, Russia.
:Ozerskoye seems to be about twice as big. No reason to move really.

45,-117: Union, USA for Enterprise, Oregon.
Debatable. The population difference is negligible, Enterprise is more central, but Union County is also part of the grat.

45,-109: Red Lodge, USA for Columbus, Montana.
Debatable. Red Lodge is slightly larger and less easily confused with other grats, but Columbus is somewhat more central.

45,-106: Colstrip, USA for Lame Deer, Montana.
Debatable. Colstrip is slightly larger and a town rather than CDP, but Lame Deer is more central.

45,-101: North Eagle Butte, USA for Dupree, South Dakota.
45,-99: Gettysburg, USA for Hoven, South Dakota.
While Gettysburg is larger, it is also on the grat's edge. Perhaps rename it to Eureka, a city as central as Hoven but closer in size to Gettysburg?

45,-97: Sisseton, USA for Webster, South Dakota.
Debatable. Sisseton is slightly larger, but Webster is more central.

45,-95: Willmar, USA for Alexandria, Minnesota.
Debatable. Willmar is larger, but Alexandria is slightly more central, while Willmar is on the grat's edge.

45,-93: Plymouth, USA for Minneapolis NW, Minnesota.
45,-92: Stillwater, USA for St. Paul NE, Minnesota.
45,-89: Merrill, USA for Rhinelander, Wisconsin.
Debatable. Merrill is larger, but Rhinelander is somewhat more central.

45,-77: Pembroke, Canada for Denbigh, Ontario.
wmcduff: Agreed. I've heard of Pembroke, but not Denbigh.
45,-76: Carleton Place, Canada for Renfrew, Ontario.
wmcduff: Debatable.  Renfrew is more central, and Carleton Place feels like a far-flung neighbourhood of Ottawa to me.
45,-74: Saint-Jérôme, Canada for Saint-Jérôme West, Québec.
wmcduff: Saint-Jérôme is split by the border.  I'd say neither and look at Lachute or Dorion, perhaps.
45,-70: Lac-Mégantic, Canada for Stratton, Maine.

45,-67: Calais, USA for Dumbarton, New Brunswick.
wmcduff: Disagree.  St. Stephen, New Brunswick is larger than Calais.
45,-61: Antigonish, Canada for Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia.
wmcduff: Debatable. Antigonish is split by the border, most of it is in the New Glasgow grat.

45,17: Požega, Croatia for Virovitica, Croatia.
45,20: Senta, Serbia for Zrenjanin, Serbia.
45,21: Timişoara / Temesvár, Romania for Timişoara, Romania.
Note: "Temesvár" is the (historical) Hungarian name. -- CrystyB

45,141: Wakkanai, Japan for Cape Sōya, Japan.

44,-119: Mount Vernon, USA for Kimberly, Oregon.
Probably to be moved, as Mount Vernon is the largest town in the area while Kimberly is unincorporated.

44,-118: John Day, USA for Prairie City, Oregon.
Debatable. John Day is larger, but Prairie City is more central.

44,-101: Philip, USA for Midland, South Dakota.
Probably to be moved. Philip is significantly larger, and the two are about equal in centrality.

44,-93: Minneapolis, USA for Minneapolis SW, Minnesota.

44,-88: Green Bay, USA for Appleton, Wisconsin.
Debatable. While Green Bay has more residents and is better known outside the region, Appleton is fairly central while Green Bay is on the edge of the grat.

44,-83: East Tawas, USA for Tawas, Michigan.
44,-81: Hanover, Canada for Bruce County, Ontario.
44,-80: Owen Sound, Canada for Grey County, Ontario.
44,-77: Deseronto, Canada for Belleville, Ontario.
wmcduff: Disagree.  Belleville is much more known (and has a major junior hockey team :).
44,-75: Brockville, Canada for Ogdensburg, New York.
wmcduff: Agreed.  Brockville is 20K to Ogdensburg's 10K.
44,-74: Massena, USA for Potsdam, New York.
Probably to be moved. While Potsdam may be more recognizable, Massena is larger, and Potsdam is partly cut off by the grat border.

44,-72: Barre, USA for Montpelier, Vermont.
Debatable. While Barre has more residents, Montpelier is the state capital and thus more recognizable to those outside the region, as well as slightly more central.

44,-71: Berlin, USA for Gorham, New Hampshire.
To be moved. Berlin is significantly larger and also slightly more central.

44,-66: Lubec, USA for Metaghan, Nova Scotia.
44,-1: La Teste-de-Buch, France for Arcachon, France.
44,0: Agen, France for Bergerac, France.
44,7: Moncalieri, Italy for Cuneo, Italy.

44,10: Modena, Italy for Parma, Italy.
I oppose moving. No significant difference in size, I quote myself from the All Graticules page: "same size as Modena, won because of the cheese" (Danatar)

44,14: Senj, Croatia for Rab, Croatia.
44,15: Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina for Zadar, Croatia.

44,26: Bucureşti, Romania for Bucharest, Romania.
Reasoning: local name. -- CrystyB

44,33: Sevastopol', Ukraine for Sevastopol, Ukraine.
Debatable, I prefer to keep it (Danatar)

44,143: Mombetsu, Japan for Monbetsu, Japan.
wmcduff: Debatable.  While the village website is at 'mombetsu', Wikipedia goes with Monbetsu, which is how I'd write the kana in English.
44,145: Otrada, Russia for Mount Rausu, Japan.

43,-119: Burns, USA for Hines, Oregon.
Probably to be moved. Burns is larger, and the two are roughly equally central.

43,-107: Airport Road, USA for Lysite, Wyoming.
43,-103: Hot Springs, USA for Custer, South Dakota.
Debatable. Hot Springs is larger and more central, but Custer is probably more recognizable, and Hot Springs may be confused with the Arkansas grat of the same name.

43,-101: Martin, USA for Kadoka, South Dakota.
Debatable. While Martin is slightly larger, Kadoka has an airport. The two are equally central.

43,-100: Rosebud, USA for Murdo, South Dakota.
Debatable. While Rosebud is larger, it's not an actual municipality.

43,-97: Parkston, USA for Alexandria, South Dakota.
Debatable. While Parkston is larger, it's also on the edge of the grat.

43,-94: Fairmont, MN for Estherville, Iowa.
Probably to be moved. Fairmont is larger and more central, and the grat's split equally between the states.

43,-93: Mason City, IA for Albert Lea, Minnesota.
Probably to be moved. Mason City is larger and only slightly less central than Albert Lea, and the grat's split equally between the states.

43,-88: Waukesha, USA for Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Probably to be moved. Waukesha is significantly larger and somewhat more well-known nearby. However, Waukesha is also on the edge of the grat, unlike Fond du Lac.

43,-84: Midland, USA for Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.
To be moved. Midland is larger and also the county name.

43,-83: Flint, USA for Saginaw, Michigan.
Debatable. Both are partly cut off by the grat border, and Flint is significantly larger.

43,-82: Sandusky, USA for Sarnia North, Ontario.
43,-81: Goderich, Canada for London North, Ontario.
43,-80: Kitchener, Canada for Waterloo, Ontario.
wmcduff: How about Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario?  I seem to hear them as one city all the time as of late.
43,-78: Oshawa, Canada for Lockport, New York.
43,-74: Gloversville, USA for Hamilton County, New York.
Probably to be moved, as it seems like grats are generally named after towns, not counties.

43,-73: Saratoga Springs, USA for Glens Falls, New York.
Probably to be moved. While Glens Falls is more central, Saratoga Springs is larger and more recognizable.

43,-72: Rutland, VT for Claremont, New Hampshire.
Probably to be moved. Rutland is larger, and the grat is more Vermont than New Hampshire. However, Claremont is more central.

43,-71: East Concord, USA for Concord, New Hampshire.
43,-9: Camariñas, Spain for Muxía, Spain.
43,-6: Castrillón, Spain for Valdés, Spain.
43,-1: San Sebastián, Spain for Bayonne, France.

43,6: Fréjus, France for Draguignan, France.
43,9: Capraia Isola, Italy for Capraia, Italy.
43,19: Pec, Serbia for Prijepolje, Serbia.

43,25: Ruse, Bulgaria for Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.
NB: Ruse is the larger city by far. -- CrystyB

43,140: Yoichi, Japan for Otaru, Japan.
43,144: Bihoro, Japan for Nakashibetsu, Japan.
43,146: Шикотан, Russia for Malokurilskoye, Russia.
Note: Malokurilskoye is the largest settlement on Shikotan, the largest of the islands in this graticule, as the page says itself.

42,-107: Jeffrey City, USA for Bairoil, Wyoming.
Debatable. The population difference is negligible, as is the centrality difference.

42,-102: Alliance, USA for Rushville, Nebraska.
Probably to be moved. While Rushville is more central, Alliance is significantly larger.

42,-101: Mullen, USA for Cody, Nebraska.
Probably to be moved. Mullen is larger, and the two are roughly equally central.

42,-99: Ainsworth, USA for Bassett, Nebraska.
Debatable. While Ainsworth is larger, Bassett is more central.

42,-98: O'Neill, USA for Page, Nebraska.
Probably to be moved. O'Neill is significantly larger.

42,-88: Elgin, USA for Schaumburg, Illinois.
To be moved. Elgin is bigger by about 30,000 people.

42,-82: Clinton, USA for Windsor, Ontario.
42,-81: London, Canada for London South, Ontario.
42,-79: Jamestown, USA for Dunkirk, New York.
Debatable. While Jamestown is bigger, Dunkirk is more central.

42,-77: Canandaigua, USA for Corning, New York.
Probably to be moved. Canandaiga is both larger and more central.

42,-74: Amsterdam, USA for Cooperstown, New York.
Debatable. While Amsterdam is significantly bigger, Cooperstown may be better-known outside the region.

42,-9: Muros, Spain for Ribeira, Spain.
42,15: San Nicola, Italy for Isole Tremiti, Italy.
42,16: Smokvica, Croatia for Vela Luka, Croatia.
42,17: Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina for Korčula, Croatia.
42,18: Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina for Kotor, Montenegro.
42,142: Shizunai, Japan for Shinhidaka, Japan.
41,-117: McDermitt, USA for Paradise Hill, Nevada.
First, the town is Paradise Valley. Second, McDermitt straddles the graticule line, while Paradise Valley is fairly central.

41,-112: Roy, USA for Clearfield, Utah.
Debatable. Roy is bigger, but is closer to the graticule border.

41,-108: Superior, USA for Table Rock, Wyoming.
To be moved. Table Rock is now a ghost town, with no population, making Superior a good option despite being near the grat border. (Point of Rocks, the other city in the grat, has a population of 3, as opposed to Superior's several hundred.)

41,-102: Sidney, USA for Chappell, Nebraska.
Debatable. While Sidney is significantly larger, it also is near the grat border.

41,-96: Fremont, USA for Omaha, Nebraska.
To be moved. Omaha is split along the grat border.

41,-94: Perry, USA for Adair, Iowa.
Probably to be moved. While Adair is more central, Perry is significantly larger.

41,-82: Lorain, USA for Sandusky, Ohio.
Probably to be moved. Lorain is significantly larger than Sandusky.

41,-73: Bridgeport, USA for Danbury, Connecticut.
:~~~: (approved) Looks inactive
Danbury is more central, but Bridgeport is larger. Debatable.

41,-69: Eastham, USA for Chatham, Massachusetts.
Debatable. Their size, centrality, and importance seem roughly equal.

41,-7: Custoias, Portugal for Chaves, Portugal.
41,-6: Macedo de Cavaleiros, Portugal for Bragança, Portugal.
41,9: Porto-Vecchio, France for Bonifacio, France.
41,13: Frosinone, Italy for Terracina, Italy.

41,19: Tirana, Albania for Tiranë, Albania.
Tiranë is the Albanian name

41,21: Битола, Macedonia for Skopje South and Bitola, Macedonia.
I think Bitola would be better than the Cyrillic name... -- CrystyB

41,22: Штип, Macedonia for Strumica, Macedonia.
Note: Strumica is larger than Štip. -- CrystyB

41,23: Sérres, Greece for Sandanski, Bulgaria.
41,24: Xánthi, Greece for Western Rhodopes.

41,26: Edirne, Turkey for Edrine, Turkey.
Agree: Edirne seems to be the correct spelling. -- CrystyB

41,27: Çorlu, Turkey for Lüleburgaz, Turkey.

41,48: Xaçmaz, Azerbaijan for Charkhy, Azerbaijan.
41,49: Siyǝzǝn, Azerbaijan for Siyazan, Azerbaijan.
40,-121: Burney, USA for Chester, California.
Debatable. Burney is larger, but Chester is somewhat more central.

40,-119: Burning Man, USA for Gerlach, Nevada.
Probably to be moved. Burning Man is certainly more well-known outside the region than the small town of Gerlach.

40,-114: West Wendover, USA for Wendover, Nevada.
To be moved. West Wendover is the Nevada city which falls within the grat.

40,-105: Fort Collins, USA for Denver (NW), Colorado.
40,-104: Greeley, USA for Denver (NE), Colorado.
40,-102: Yuma, USA for Holyoke, Colorado.
Debatable. While Yuma is bigger, Holyoke is more central.

40,-98: Grand Island, USA for Hastings, Nebraska.
Debatable. While Grand Island is bigger, Hastings is more central and perhaps more recognizable.

40,-97: York, USA for Seward, Nebraska.
Probably to be moved. York is larger and somewhat more central.

40,-95: Nebraska City, NE for Shenandoah, Iowa.
Debatable. Nebraska City is larger, but the grat is slightly more Iowa, and Shenandoah is more central.

40,-94: Maryville, MO for Bedford, Iowa.
Probably to be moved. Maryville is significantly larger than Bedford, and the grat's cut in half between the two states.

40,-93: Trenton, USA for Princeton, Missouri.
Debatable. While Trenton is larger, Princeton is more central.

40,-88: Champaign, USA for Champaign/Urbana, Illinois.
Debatable. While Champaign is the bigger of the two cities, they're often referred to together (like the Twin Cities), often in the context of University of Illinois.

40,-83: Marion, USA for Marysville, Ohio.
Probably to be moved. Marion is larger, and the nearby county is named Marion.

40,-7: Sequeira, Portugal for Viseu, Portugal.
40,-6: Ciudad-Rodrigo, Spain for Plasencia, Spain.
40,-0: l'Alcora, Spain for Andorra, Spain.
40,13: Ischia, Italy for Forio, Italy.
40,22: Thessaloníki, Greece for Thessaloniki, Greece.
40,23: Panórama, Greece for Chalcidicean peninsula, Greece.
40,24: Kavála, Greece for Kavala, Greece.
40,49: Baku, Azerbaijan for Baky, Azerbaijan.
40,50: Maştağa, Azerbaijan for Mardakyan, Azerbaijan.
40,72: Andijon, Uzbekistan for Andizhan, Uzbekistan.


39,-123: Ukiah, USA for Mendocino, California.
To be moved. Ukiah is significantly larger.

39,-122: Corning, USA for Orland, California.
Debatable. The population difference is small, and Orland is somewhat more central.

39,-111: Santaquin, USA for Nephi, Utah.
Debatable. While Santaquin is bigger, it's also near the grat border.

39,-106: Edwards, USA for Vail, Colorado.
Debatable. Edwards is bigger, but Vail is home to a well-known ski resort.

39,-105: Lakewood, USA for Denver (SW), Colorado.
39,-104: Denver, USA for Denver (SE), Colorado.
39,-101: Colby, USA for Goodland, Kansas.
Debatable. While Colby is slightly larger, it's also closer to the grat border.

39,-100: Oskaloosa, USA for Grinnell, Kansas.
While Oskaloosa is bigger than Grinnell, Grinnell is home to a fairly well-known liberal arts college, making this one debatable.

39,-99: Norton, USA for Stockton, Kansas.
Debatable. While Norton is bigger, Stockton is more central.

39,-98: Beloit, USA for Osborne, Kansas.
Debatable. While Beloit is larger, Osborne is more central and the name of one of the counties.

39,-97: Concordia, USA for Belleville, Kansas.
Probably to be moved. Concordia is significantly larger and more  central.

39,-94: North Kansas City, USA for Kansas City, Missouri.

39,-85: Columbus, USA for Greensburg, Indiana.
Arguable. While Columbus is significantly larger than Greensburg, Greensburg is more central, and Columbus risks confusion with the nearby city of Columbus, Ohio.

39,-83: Springfield, USA for Wilmington, Ohio.
Probably to be moved. Springfield is significantly larger.

39,-82: Columbus, USA for Lancaster, Ohio.
39,-81: Parkersburg, WV for Marietta, Ohio.
Debatable. While Parkersburg is bigger, Marietta is more central, and more of the grat is Ohio.

39,-80: Fairmont, USA for Clarksburg, West Virginia.
Debatable. Fairmont is slightly bigger, Clarksburg somewhat more central.

39,-78: Winchester, VA for Cumberland, Maryland.
Debatable. Winchester is somewhat bigger, Cumberland somewhat more central. This grat is split among several states, with neither VA or MD holding a majority.

39,-77: Germantown, USA for Frederick, Maryland.
Debatable. Germantown is larger, Frederick more central.

39,-27: Lagoa, Portugal for Graciosa Island East, Azores.
39,-9: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal for Torres Vedras, Portugal.
39,-8: Monsanto, Portugal for Leiria, Portugal.
39,-4: Talavera de la Reina, ES for Toledo, Spain.
39,1: Sant Joan de Labritja, ES for Ibiza North, Spain.
39,15: Cetraro, IT for Scalea, Italy.
39,49: Neftçala, Azerbaijan for Bank, Azerbaijan.
39,139: Tennō, JP for Oga, Japan.

38,-105: Cañon City, USA for Canon City, Colorado.
To be moved. This is the usual spelling.

38,-101: Leoti, USA for Tribune, Kansas.
Probably to be moved. Leoti is bigger.

38,-100: Scott City, USA for Dighton, Kansas.
Debatable. Scott City is bigger, Dighton more central.

38,-97: Salina, USA for McPherson, Kansas.
Probably to be moved. While McPherson is somewhat more central, Salina is significantly larger.

38,-94: Overland Park, USA for South Kansas City, Missouri.
38,-93: Sedalia, USA for Warrensburg, Missouri.
Debatable. Warrensburg is actually bigger, but Sedalia may be more recognizable.

38,-88: Mount Vernon, USA for Fairfield, Illinois.
Probably to be moved, as Mount Vernon has 10k more people and is less likely to be confused for other grats. However, Fairfield is more central.

38,-86: Jasper, USA for Bedford, Indiana.
Jasper is somewhat larger, Bedford somewhat more central.

38,-84: Lexington-Fayette, USA for Frankfort, Kentucky.
Lexington is much bigger than Frankfort, although it's on the edge of the grat... while it's a part of the official name, is the -Fayette needed?

38,-83: Maysville, USA for Morehead, Kentucky.
Probably to be moved. Maysville is larger.

38,-78: Harrisonburg, USA for Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.
38,-77: Washington, USA for Washington (West), District of Columbia.
38,-76: Woodlawn, USA for Washington (East), District of Columbia.
38,-27: Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal for Terceira Island, Azores.

38,-9: Lisbon, Portugal for Lisboa, Portugal.
Lisboa is the Portuguese name

38,0: Denia, ES for Dénia, Spain.
38,-0: Alacant, ES for Alicante, Spain.
38,1: Eivissa, ES for Ibiza, Spain.
38,14: Cefalù, IT for Lipari, Italy.

38,23: Peristérion, Greece for Athens (North), Greece.
Let Athens stay split. Although the name Athens might get localized.

38,24: Rafína, Greece for Kymi, Greece.
38,127: Kosan-ŭp, North Korea for Cheorwon, South Korea.
38,138: Ryōtsu, JP for Sado, Japan.
38,139: Sakata, JP for Tsuruoka, Japan.

37,-119: Yosemite Lakes, USA for Mariposa, California.
To be moved. Yosemite Lakes is larger and more central.

37,-118: Mammoth Lakes, USA for Bishop, California.
Debatable. While Mammoth Lakes is larger, Bishop is more central.

37,-110: Navajo Mountain, USA for Bullfrog, Utah.
37,-101: Ulysses, USA for Johnson City, Kansas.
Probably to be moved. Ulysses is larger.

37,-99: Kinsley, USA for Greensburg, Kansas.
37,-89: Cape Girardeau, USA for Carbondale, Illinois.
Debatable. While Cape Girardeau has more residents, Carbondale is a well-known college town.

37,-86: Oak Grove, USA for Leitchfield, Kentucky.
37,-84: Lexington, USA for Richmond, Kentucky.
37,-82: Pikeville, USA for Williamson, Kentucky.
37,-78: Lake Monticello, USA for Appomattox, Virginia.
37,-76: East Hampton, USA for Newport News, Virginia.
37,-75: Chincoteague, USA for Eastern Shore, Virginia.
37,-25: Ponta Delgada, Portugal for São Miguel Island, Azores.
37,10: Al `Āliyah, Tunisia for Aousja, Tunisia.
37,14: Gela, IT for Caltanissetta, Italy.

37,23: Athens, Greece for Athens (South), Greece.
Let Athens stay split. Although the name Athens might get localized.

37,24: Ermoúpolis, Greece for Ermoupoli, Greece.
37,25: Mýkonos, Greece for Naxos, Greece.
37,125: Ongjin, North Korea for Yeonpyeong-myeon, South Korea.
37,126: Seoul, KR for Seoul (West), South Korea.
37,127: Suwŏn, KR for Seoul (East), South Korea.
37,128: Kangnŭng, KR for Gangneung, South Korea.
37,129: Tonghae, KR for Donghae, South Korea.
37,140: Iwaki, JP for Fukushima, Japan.
37,141: Namie, JP for Minamisōma, Japan.
36,-118: East Porterville, USA for Lone Pine, California.
36,-117: Keeler, USA for Panamint Springs, California.
36,-116: Beatty, USA for Pahrump, Nevada.
36,-114: Henderson, USA for Mesquite, Nevada.
36,-112: Colorado City, USA for Grand Canyon, Arizona.
36,-111: Tuba City, USA for Page, Arizona.
36,-106: Santa Teresa, USA for Chama, New Mexico.
36,-96: Sand Springs, USA for Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
36,-93: Harrison, USA for Branson, Missouri.
36,-90: Paragould, USA for Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

36,-84: Oak Ridge, USA for Williamsburg, Kentucky.
36,-82: Johnson City, USA for Tri-Cities, Tennessee.
36,-6: Jerez de la Frontera, ES for Cádiz, Spain.
36,-5: Algeciras, ES for Gibraltar.
36,0: 'Aïn Merane, Algeria for Taougrite, Algeria.
36,1: Ech Chettia, Algeria for Chlef, Algeria.
36,2: Médéa, Algeria for Blida, Algeria.
36,4: El Achir, Algeria for Bordj Bou Arréridj, Algeria.
36,5: Bejaïa, Algeria for Sétif, Algeria.
36,8: Jendouba, Tunisia for Le Kef, Tunisia.
36,11: Pantelleria, IT for Kélibia, Tunisia.
36,23: Yéfira, Greece for Voia, Greece.
36,24: Adámas, Greece for Milos, Greece.
36,126: Sŏsan, KR for Hongseong, South Korea.
36,127: Taejŏn, KR for Daejeon, South Korea.
36,128: Kumi, KR for Andong, South Korea.
36,129: Hŭnghae, KR for Pohang, South Korea.
35,-118: Arvin, USA for Tehachapi, California.
35,-116: Tecopa, USA for Baker, California.
35,-115: Sandy Valley, USA for Wheaton Springs, California.
35,-109: Fort Defiance, USA for Window Rock, Arizona.
35,-104: Roy, USA for Conchas Lake, New Mexico.
35,-91: Searcy, USA for Batesville, Arkansas.
To be moved. Searcy has more residents, and other factors are roughly equal.

35,-90: Memphis, USA for West Memphis, Tennessee.
35,-89: Bartlett, USA for East Memphis, Tennessee.
Let Memphis stay split, although I'd prefer Memphis East and Memphis West
:Agreed, that's more consistent - Jevanyn

35,-76: River Road, USA for Belhaven, North Carolina.

35,-5: Tangier, Morocco for Tanger, Morocco.
Tanger is the local name

35,-3: Tirhanimîne, Morocco for Hoceima, Morocco.
35,-1: 'Aïn Temouchent, Algeria for Aïn Témouchent, Algeria.
35,1: Sougueur, Algeria for Tiaret, Algeria.
35,4: Bordj Ghdir, Algeria for M'Sila, Algeria.
35,8: Kasserine, Tunisia for Tébessa, Algeria.
35,9: Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia for Sbeitla, Tunisia.
35,11: Zouila, Tunisia for Mahdia, Tunisia.
35,14: Birkirkara, MT for Malta.
35,23: Kíssamos, Greece for Kastelli-Kissamou, Greece.
35,25: Irákleion, Greece for Iráklio, Greece.
35,26: Siteía, Greece for Sitia, Greece.
35,27: Kárpathos, Greece for Karpathos, Greece.
35,32: Morphou, CY for Güzelyurt, Cyprus.
35,33: Nicosia, CY for Lefkosia, Cyprus.
35,34: Protaras, CY for Rizokarpaso, Cyprus.
35,126: Kwangju, KR for Gwangju, South Korea.
35,127: Chŏnju, KR for Jeonju, South Korea.
35,128: Taegu, KR for Daegu, South Korea.
35,129: Pusan, KR for Busan, South Korea.

35,138: Fuji, JP for Mount Fuji, Japan.
Not to be moved. Or it may be moved to Fujisan, Japan.

34,-119: Oxnard, USA for Santa Barbara, California.
Oxnard is more populous than Santa Barbara, and which of the two is more recognizable is debatable.
:Certainly Santa Barbara is more recognizable and historically significant. After all that most excellent TV show Psych is conspicuously set here. Although if we were going after recognizable we would have to add Ojai into the mix. I lean towards keeping it Santa Barbara, but the only active hasher is working out of the greater Oxnard area. --Scerruti 
::And the largest feature is Los Padres National Park. I'd recommend listing the names of larger towns like Oxnard on the page itself, just so a search for Oxnard will hit the page (it doesn't hit anything now.) -- Jevanyn
:::Is this a vote to leave it Santa Barbara? -- Scerruti

34,-109: Pinetop-Lakeside, USA for Eagar, Arizona.
34,-108: Pinehill, USA for Quemado, New Mexico.
34,-107: Alamo, USA for Magdalena, New Mexico.
34,-99: Altus, USA for Vernon, Texas.
34,-94: De Queen, USA for Mena, Arkansas.
Debatable. De Queen has slightly more people, but Mena is more central.

34,-90: Southaven, USA for Clarksdale, Mississippi.
34,-89: Olive Branch, USA for Oxford, Mississippi.
Debatable. Olive Branch has more people, but Oxford is probably more recognizable, as home to Ole Miss.

34,-83: Gainesville, USA for Toccoa, Georgia.
34,-80: Monroe, USA for Lancaster, South Carolina.
34,-78: Hope Mills, USA for Elizabethtown, North Carolina.
34,-6: Rabat, Morocco for Rabat North, Morocco.
34,-1: Oujda, Morocco for Tlemcen, Algeria.
34,3: Messaad, Algeria for Djelfa, Algeria.
34,5: Tolga, Algeria for Biskra, Algeria.
34,25: Arvi, Greece for Kato Vigles, Greece.
34,32: Paphos, CY for Akrotiri, Cyprus.
34,33: Limassol, CY for Larnaca, Cyprus.
34,34: Ayia Napa, CY for Agia Napa, Cyprus.
34,45: Sarpol-e Z̄ahāb, Iran for Sarpol-e Zahāb, Iran.
34,126: Mokp'o, KR for Mokpo, South Korea.
34,127: Yŏsu, KR for Yeosu, South Korea.
34,128: Sinhyŏn, KR for Tongyeong, South Korea.
34,134: Himeji, JP for Takamatsu, Japan.
34,136: Yokkaichi, JP for Tsu, Japan.
33,-116: Hemet, USA for Borrego Springs, California.
Yes, Hemet may be larger in population but I happen to know for a fact that no one there geohashes or even owns a computer. Actually Palm Springs could make an argument for this Graticule as well, you may have heard of it, the Rat Pack used to hang out there. But, this Graticule is dominated by California's largest State Park, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, an immense wilderness that will only not try to kill you for two weeks in the spring when the flowers are blooming. Therefore I suggest it be left as-is. --Scerruti
:What, not "Hellhole Palms"? ;-) -- Jevanyn

33,-115: Calipatria, USA for Joshua Tree, California.
Yeah, right. Not even going to research this one. I mean would you rather have a graticule named for a U2 album or something that sounds like a disease? --Scerruti
:Or Salton See, so it can be named after an ecological disaster.... -- Jevanyn

33,-112: Phoenix, USA for Phoenix (West Valley), Arizona.
33,-111: Mesa, USA for Phoenix (East Valley), Arizona.
33,-100: Spur, USA for Aspermont, Texas.
33,-99: Haskell, USA for Throckmorton, Texas.
33,-96: Plano, USA for McKinney, Texas.
Debatable. Plano is significantly larger and more recognizable, but is also on the edge of the grat.

33,-92: El Dorado, USA for Camden, Arkansas.
Probably to be moved. El Dorado has more residents and is probably more well-known.

33,-91: Greenville, USA for Monticello, Arkansas.
Debatable. While Greenville is significantly larger than Monticello, Greenville is in Mississippi while most of the grat's area is in Arkansas.

33,-89: Grenada, USA for Winona, Mississippi.
33,-85: La Grange, USA for Anniston, Alabama.
33,-82: Martinez, USA for Evans, Georgia.
33,-80: Summerville, USA for Orangeburg, South Carolina.
33,-79: Conway, USA for Georgetown, South Carolina.
33,-77: Kure Beach, USA for Fort Fisher, North Carolina.
33,-7: Casablanca, Morocco for Ad-Dār al-Bayḍā (Casablanca), Morocco.
33,-6: Khemisset, Morocco for Rabat South, Morocco.
33,6: Reguiba, Algeria for Touggourt, Algeria.
33,7: Nefta, Tunisia for El Oued, Algeria.
33,10: Midoun, Tunisia for Gabès, Tunisia.
33,36: Damascus, Syria for Dimashq, Syria.
33,126: Cheju, KR for Jeju, South Korea.
33,132: Uwajima, JP for Matsuyama, Japan.
32,-116: El Cajon, USA for Tecate, Mexico.
Tecate is not a good name for this graticule, at least until geohashing catches on in Mexico. However El Cajon is not much better. I would suggest Alpine, CA as the replacement name, but I would like to hear opinions. --Scerruti
::I'd suggest keeping Tecate. There is a town on either side of the border with that name, and it's smack in the center. Short of making Tijuana a split city (and pissing off everyone in San Diego), I'd leave it as is. And there have been geohashes in Mexico (I think relet did one?) -- Jevanyn
:::relet's map shows successful hashes around Mexico City. There is only one apparent cross border (from: US to Mexico) attempt shown and I believe that was a typo and did not actually happen in Mexico. I am frankly shocked I didn't realize that this graticule needs to be left as-is because there is a beer named after it. -- Scerruti

32,-114: San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico for Yuma, Arizona.
32,-113: Tacna, USA for Dateland, Arizona.
32,-112: Ajo, USA for Gila Bend, Arizona.
32,-111: Drexel Heights, USA for Casa Grande, Arizona.
32,-102: Andrews, USA for Midland, Texas.
32,-98: Mineral Wells, USA for Stephenville, Texas.
32,-97: Fort Worth, USA for Ft. Worth, Texas.
To be moved. Fort Worth is used more.

32,-89: Brandon, USA for Forest, Mississippi.
32,-87: Selma, USA for Talladega National Forest, Alabama.
32,-83: Macon, USA for Warner Robins, Georgia.
32,-82: Dublin, USA for Vidalia, Georgia.
32,-80: North Charleston, USA for Beaufort, South Carolina.
32,-64: Saint George, BM for Bermuda.
32,3: Metlili Chaamba, Algeria for Ghardaïa, Algeria.
32,13: Tripoli, Libya for Ṭarābulus, Libya.
32,20: Banghāzī, Libya for Binġāzī, Libya.
32,34: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel for Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan), Israel.
32,35: Irbid, Jordan for Haifa East, Israel.
:For all we know, the largest city in that graticule could be Amman North in the very southeast corner; but even if that is true (which is likely if hard to prove), such a name would be incredibly unrepresentative of the graticule (which is mostly Israel and contested areas). Irbid is still much larger than Haifa East, however.
32,128: Fukue, JP for Gotō, Japan.
32,132: Nakamura, JP for Shimanto, Japan.
31,-112: Sonoyta, Mexico for San Carlos, Mexico.
31,-111: Sells, USA for Sasabe, Arizona.
31,-110: Heroica Nogales, Mexico for Nogales, Arizona.
31,-109: Agua Prieta, Mexico for Douglas, Arizona.
31,-107: Ascensión, Mexico for Columbus, New Mexico.
31,-106: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico for El Paso, Texas.
31,-102: Midland, USA for Odessa, Texas.

31,-98: Brownwood, USA for Goldthwaite, Texas.
31,-96: Mexia, USA for Fairfield, Texas.
31,-94: Lufkin, USA for Nacogdoches, Texas.
31,-88: Waynesboro, USA for Citronelle, Alabama.
31,-87: Atmore, USA for Monroeville, Alabama.
31,-83: Tifton, USA for Moultrie, Georgia.
31,-81: Hinesville, USA for Brunswick, Georgia.
31,5: Rouissat, Algeria for Ouargla, Algeria.
31,27: Marsá Maţrūḩ, Egypt for Mersa Matruh, Egypt.
31,30: Kafr ad Dawwār, Egypt for Damanhur, Egypt.
31,31: Al Manşūrah, Egypt for El Mansoura, Egypt.
31,32: Būr Sa`īd, Egypt for Bur Sa'id, Egypt.
31,34: Gaza, PS for Beersheba, Israel.
31,35: Amman, Jordan for Jerusalem, Israel.
30,-116: Colonia Vicente Guerrero, Mexico for Camalú, Mexico.
30,-115: San Quintín, Mexico for Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico.
30,-112: Heroica Caborca, Mexico for Caborca, Mexico.
30,-109: Nacozari Viejo, Mexico for Nacozari de Garcia, Mexico.
30,-95: The Woodlands, USA for Conroe, Texas.
30,-89: West Gulfport, USA for New Orleans, Louisiana.
30,-86: Wright, USA for Crestview, Florida.
30,19: Al Burayqah, Libya for Marsá al Burayqah, Libya.
30,32: Ismailia, Egypt for Al Isma'iliyah, Egypt.
30,34: Yeroẖam, Israel for Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.
30,48: Ābādān, Iran for Khorramshahr, Iran.


29,-104: Ojinaga, Mexico for Presidio, Texas.
29,-100: Ciudad Acuña, Mexico for Del Rio, Texas.
29,-94: Baytown, USA for Galveston, Texas.
29,-89: Chalmette, USA for New Orleans, Louisiana.
29,-85: Port Saint Joe, USA for Port St. Joe, Florida.
29,-84: Eastpoint, USA for Carrabelle, Florida.
29,-80: Port Orange, USA for Mission City, Florida.
29,-13: San Bartolomé, ES for Teguise, Spain.
29,30: Al Fayyūm, Egypt for Faiyum, Egypt.
29,31: Ḩulwān, Egypt for Beni Suef, Egypt.
29,32: Suez, Egypt for As Suways, Egypt.
29,34: Elat, Israel for Eilat, Israel.
29,47: Al Farwānīyah, Kuwait for Kuwait City (West), Kuwait.
29,48: As Sālimīyah, Kuwait for Kuwait City (East), Kuwait.

28,-110: Los Horcones (Walden Two), Mexico for Los Horcones, Mexico.
28,-105: Ciudad Delicias, Mexico for Delicias, Mexico.
28,-100: Piedras Negras, Mexico for Eagle Pass, Texas.
28,-99: Crystal City, USA for Cotulla, Texas.
Probably to be moved, as Crystal City is significantly larger. However, Cotulla is slightly more central.

28,-95: Bay City, USA for Freeport, Texas.
Debatable. While Bay City is larger, Freeport is slightly more central.

28,-82: Town 'n' Country, USA for Tampa Bay (North), Florida.
28,-80: Palm Bay, USA for Melbourne, Florida.
28,-13: Arrecife, ES for Puerto del Rosario, Spain.
28,28: Al Bawīţī, Egypt for Bahariya Oasis West, Egypt.
28,30: Al Minyā, Egypt for Minya, Egypt.
28,48: Al Khafjī, Saudi Arabia for Khafji, Saudi Arabia.
28,129: Naze, JP for Amami, Japan.

27,-112: Santa Rosalía, Mexico for Santa Rosalia, Mexico.
27,-100: Ciudad Anáhuac, Mexico for Anahuac, Mexico.
27,-99: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for Laredo, Texas.
27,-81: Bartow, USA for Avon Park, Florida.
27,-80: Port Saint Lucie, USA for Port St Lucie, Florida.
27,-17: La Restinga, ES for Valverde, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.
27,-15: Santa Lucía, ES for San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Spain.
27,-13: Ejbei Uad el Aabd, EH for El Aaiún, Western Sahara.
27,27: Qaşr al Farāfirah, Egypt for Farafra Oasis, Egypt.
27,30: Mallawī, Egypt for Mallawi, Egypt.
27,31: Asyūţ, Egypt for Asyut, Egypt.
27,33: Al Ghardaqah, Egypt for Hurghada, Egypt.
27,34: Sharm ash Shaykh, Egypt for Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
27,49: Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia for Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

26,-100: Sabinas Hidalgo, Mexico for Bustamante, Mexico.
26,-99: Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Mexico for Zapata, Texas.
26,-98: Reynosa, Mexico for McAllen, Texas.

26,-78: Lucaya, BS for Freeport, The Bahamas.
26,-77: Cooper's Town, BS for Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas.
26,33: Būr Safājah, Egypt for Port Safaga, Egypt.
26,49: Şafwá, Saudi Arabia for Qatif, Saudi Arabia.
26,50: Ad Dammām, Saudi Arabia for Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
26,51: Ar Ru'ays, Qatar for Madinat ash Shamal, Qatar.
26,56: Qeshm, Iran for Khasab, Oman.

25,-99: Cadereyta, Mexico for Montemorelos, Mexico.
25,-98: Río Bravo, Mexico for Rio Bravo, Mexico.
25,-97: Matamoros, Mexico for Brownsville, Texas.
25,-81: Marco, USA for Marco Island, Florida.
25,-79: Alice Town, BS for Bimini, The Bahamas.
25,-76: Dunmore Town, BS for Governor's Harbour, The Bahamas.
25,49: Al Hufūf, Saudi Arabia for Hofuf, Saudi Arabia.
25,50: Dukhān, Qatar for Dukhan, Qatar.
25,56: Al Fujayrah, AE for Khor Fakkan, UAE.

24,-77: Andros Town, BS for Congo Town, The Bahamas.
24,32: Aswān, Egypt for Aswan, Egypt.
24,38: Yanbu` al Baḩr, Saudi Arabia for Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.
24,51: Al Kharrārah, Qatar for Mesaieed, Qatar.
24,55: Al `Ayn, AE for Al Ain, UAE.
24,56: Şuḩār, Oman for Sohar, Oman.
24,67: Karāchi, Pakistan for Karachi East, Pakistan.
24,121: I-lan, Taiwan for Taoyuan, Taiwan.
24,125: Hirara, JP for Miyakojima, Japan.

23,121: Hualian, Taiwan for Hualien, Taiwan.

22,-159: Kapaa, USA for Kapa'a, Hawaii.
22,-109: San Lucas, Mexico for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
22,-82: Güira de Melena, CU for Artemisa, Cuba.
22,-74: Colonel Hill, BS for Albert Town, The Bahamas.
22,-73: Snug Corner, BS for Spring Point, The Bahamas.
22,57: Nizwá, Oman for Nizwa, Oman.
22,58: Ibrā, Oman for Al Yahmadi, Oman.
22,59: Şūr, Oman for Sur, Oman.

21,-158: Waipahu, USA for Oahu West, Hawaii.

21,-157: Honolulu, USA for Oahu East, Hawaii.

21,-71: Grand Turk, TC for Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos Islands.
21,39: Jiddah, Saudi Arabia for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
21,70: Jūnāgadh, India for Bagasra, India.
21,72: Sūrat, India for Surat, India.

20,-155: Waimea, USA for North Hawai'i Island, Hawaii.
20,-74: Moa, CU for Baracoa, Cuba.
20,-17: Nouâdhibou, Mauritania for Nouadhibou, Mauritania.
20,70: Verāval, India for Veraval, India.
20,71: Una, India for Jafarabad, India.
20,72: Wāpi, India for Navsari, India.


19,-155: Hilo, USA for Hawai'i Island, Hawaii.
19,-154: Hawaiian Paradise Park, USA for East Hawai'i Island, Hawaii.
Islands more known than the city

19,-102: Uruapan del Progreso, Mexico for Uruapan, Mexico.
19,-100: Heroica Zitácuaro, Mexico for Zitácuaro, Mexico.
19,-99: Mexico City, Mexico for Ciudad de México, Mexico.
19,-98: Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico for Puebla, Mexico.
19,-71: Mao, DO for Santa Cruz de Mao, Dominican Republic.
19,72: Mumbai, India for Mumbai North, India.
19,74: Ahmadnagar, India for Ahmednagar, India.

18,-100: Tejupilco de Hidalgo, Mexico for Huetamo de Núñez, Mexico.
18,-98: Cuautla Morelos, Mexico for Cuautla, Mexico.
18,-92: Frontera, Mexico for Villahermosa North, Mexico.
18,-78: Lucea, JM for Savanna-la-Mar, Jamaica.
18,-76: New Kingston, JM for Kingston (North), Jamaica.
18,-70: Benemérita de San Cristóbal, DO for San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic.
18,-69: Juan Dolio, DO for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
18,-64: Charlotte Amalie, VI for Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.
18,-16: Nouakchott, Mauritania for Nouakchott West, Mauritania.
18,72: Uran, India for Mumbai South, India.

17,-90: Carmelita, Guatemala for San Andrés, Guatemala.
17,-76: Kingston, JM for Kingston (South), Jamaica.
17,-71: Enriquillo, DO for Cabo Rojo, Dominican Republic.
17,-67: Pole Ojea, PR for La Parguera, Puerto Rico.
17,-66: Guayama, PR for Ponce, Puerto Rico.
17,33: Atbara, Sudan for Atbarah, Sudan.
17,54: Şalālah, Oman for Salalah, Oman.
17,78: Hyderābād, India for Hyderabad, India.

16,-90: Sayaxché, Guatemala for La Libertad, Guatemala.
16,-62: Cork Hill, MS for Plymouth, Montserrat.
16,-61: Les Abymes, GP for Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe.
16,-3: Tombouctou, Mali for Tombouctou West, Mali.

15,-16: Mékhé, Senegal for Louga, Senegal.
15,39: Dekemhāre, Eritrea for Massawa, Eritrea.

14,-60: Le Robert, MQ for Le Vauclin, Martinique.
14,-16: Thiès Nones, Senegal for Thiès, Senegal.
14,-11: Kayes Ndi, Mali for Kayes, Mali.
14,33: Wad Madanī, Sudan for Wad Madani, Sudan.
14,38: Inda Silasē, Ethiopia for Mendefera, Eritrea.
14,49: Al Mukallā, Yemen for Al Mukalla, Yemen.

13,-88: San Miquel, SV for San Miguel, El Salvador.
13,-81: Mountain, Colombia for Santa Catalina, Colombia.
13,-61: Kingstown, VC for Castries, St. Lucia.
13,-16: Brikama, The Gambia for Banjul, The Gambia.
13,25: Al Fāshir, Sudan for Al-Fashir, Sudan.
13,30: Al Ubayyiḑ, Sudan for Al-Ubayyid, Sudan.
13,32: Kūstī, Sudan for Kosti, Sudan.
13,33: Sannār, Sudan for Sennar, Sudan.
13,39: Shaguby, Ethiopia for Mek'ele, Ethiopia.

12,-69: Babijn, AW for Sint Nicolaas, Aruba.
12,-61: Saint George's, GD for St. George's, Grenada.
12,-8: Bamako, Mali for Bamako West, Mali.
12,-7: Koulikoro, Mali for Bamako East, Mali.
12,0: Fada N'Gourma, Burkina Faso for Fada N'gourma, Burkina Faso.
12,37: Gonder, Ethiopia for Gondar, Ethiopia.
12,42: Dorra, DJ for Assab South, Eritrea.
12,45: `Adan, Yemen for Aden, Yemen.

11,-63: La Asunción, Venezuela for Manzanillo, Venezuela.
11,-4: Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso for Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso.
11,-0: Bawku, Ghana for Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso.
11,39: Desē, Ethiopia for Dessie, Ethiopia.
11,42: `Ali Sabieh, DJ for Ali Sabieh, Djibouti.
11,49: Bender Cassim, Somalia for Boosaaso, Somalia.
11,76: Coimbatore, India for Coimbatore South, India.

10,-64: Barcelona, Venezuela for Cumaná, Venezuela.
10,-61: Chaguanas, TT for San Fernando, Trinidad.

0-10 N[edit]

9,-79: San Miguelito, Panama for Panama North, Panama.
9,-13: Camayenne, Guinea for Conakry, Guinea.
9,31: Malakāl, Sudan for Malakal, Sudan.
9,38: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for Addis Ababa North, Ethiopia.
9,41: Dirē Dawa, Ethiopia for Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.
9,42: Hārer, Ethiopia for Harar, Ethiopia.
9,44: Hargeysa, Somalia for Gaalkacyo, Somalia.

8,-79: Panamá, Panama for Panama South, Panama.
8,38: Debre Zeyit, Ethiopia for Addis Ababa South, Ethiopia.

7,36: Jīma, Ethiopia for Jimma, Ethiopia.
7,38: Āwasa, Ethiopia for Awasa, Ethiopia.

6,-9: Gbarnga, Liberia for Gobota, Liberia.
6,-8: Zwedru, Liberia for Toulépleu, Côte d'Ivoire.
6,-7: Duékoué, Côte d'Ivoire for Guiglo, Côte d'Ivoire.
6,-5: Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire for Yamoussukro, Côte d'Ivoire.
6,0: Kpalimé, Togo for Ho, Ghana.
6,4: Ijebu Igbo, Nigeria for Ore, Nigeria.
6,5: Benin-City, Nigeria for Benin City, Nigeria.

5,-3: Grand-Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire for Grand Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire.
5,0: Anloga, Ghana for Dzita, Ghana.
5,6: Ihiala, Nigeria for Abraka, Nigeria.
5,100: Sungai Petani, Malaysia for Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
5,115: Victoria, Malaysia for Labuan, Malaysia.
4,-7: Harper, Liberia for Tabou, Côte d'Ivoire.
4,-6: San-Pédro, Côte d'Ivoire for San Pedro, Côte d'Ivoire.
4,-1: Takoradi, Ghana for Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana.
4,6: Port Harcourt, Nigeria for Port Harcourt (west), Nigeria.
4,7: Okrika, Nigeria for Port Harcourt (east), Nigeria.

3,9: Dizangué, Cameroon for Sanaga River Delta, Cameroon.

2,-76: El Bordo, Colombia for Popayán, Colombia.

1,44: Qoryooley, Somalia for Marka, Somalia.
1,73: Hithadhoo, Maldives for Hithadhoo North, Maldives.
1,104: Gamat-eMas Network (Batam) - No.1, Blk G, Pondok Asri, Indonesia for Bintan Utara, Indonesia.
:I don't know a bit about Indonesia, but the proposed name is just random. It looks more like an address than a city name really.

0,34: Kakamega, Kenya for Tororo, Uganda.
0,37: Meru, Kenya for Nanyuki, Kenya.

South of Equator[edit]

-0,8: Port-Gentil, Gabon for Port Gentil, Gabon.
-0,30: Bwizibwera, Uganda for Mbarara, Uganda.
-0,42: Chisimayu, Somalia for Kismaayo, Somalia.
-0,73: Hithadhoo, Maldives for Hithadhoo South, Maldives.
-1,37: Thika, Kenya for Machakos, Kenya.
-2,104: Palembang, Indonesia for Palembang Utara, Indonesia.

-3,-60: Manaus, Brazil for Iranduba, Brazil.
Yes, should be moved

-3,-59: Nova Olinda do Norte, Brazil for Careiro da Várzea, Brazil.
-3,39: Kilifi, Kenya for Arusha, Tanzania.
-3,104: Perabumulih, Indonesia for Palembang Selatan, Indonesia.
-4,12: Dolisie, Republic of the Congo for Loubomo, Republic of the Congo.
-4,15: Kinshasa, DR Congo for Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo.
-5,105: Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung, Indonesia for Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.
-6,-80: Mórrope, Peru for Cartagena, Peru.
-6,14: M'banza Congo, AO for Mbanza-Congo, Angola.
-6,16: Kasongo-Lunda, DR Congo for Quimbele, Angola.
-8,31: Matai, Tanzania for Mbala, Zambia.
-9,33: Katumba, Tanzania for Karonga, Malawi.
-10,14: Quibala, AO for Calulo, Angola.
-11,20: Leúa, AO for Cazaje, Angola.
-11,33: Rumphi, Malawi for Mzuzu, Malawi.
-11,34: Liuli, Tanzania for Nkhata Bay, Malawi.
-11,43: Moroni, KM for Ngazidja, Comoros.
-12,13: Lobito, AO for Benguela, Angola.
-12,17: Camacupa, AO for Catabola, Angola.
-12,26: Kansanshi, Zambia for Solwezi, Zambia.
-12,28: Kitwe, Zambia for Ndola, Zambia.
-12,43: Fomboni, KM for Mwali, Comoros.
-12,44: Moutsamoudou, KM for Nzwani, Comoros.
-12,45: Mamoudzou, YT for Mayotte, France.
-12,49: AntsiraḤana, Madagascar for Antsiranana, Madagascar.
-12,131: McMinns Lagoon, AU for Coastal Plains, Australia.
-13,14: Caluquembe, AO for Cubal, Angola.
-13,15: Caconda, AO for Chipindo, Angola.
-13,48: Ambanja, Madagascar for Nosy-Be, Madagascar.
-13,136: Alyangula, AU for Avangula, Australia.
-15,-38: Canavieiras, Brazil for Belmonte, Brazil.
-15,40: Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique for Moçambique, Mozambique.
-15,128: Kununurra, AU for Kunumurra, Australia.
-16,47: Tsaratanana, Madagascar for Mampikony, Madagascar.
-16,49: Mananara Avaratra, Madagascar for Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar.
-17,-39: Nova Viçosa, Brazil for Teixeira de Freitas, Brazil.
-17,15: Oshakati, Namibia for Ondjiva, Angola.
-17,48: Amparafaravola, Madagascar for Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar.
-17,49: Vavatenina, Madagascar for Fenoarivo Atsinanana, Madagascar.
-17,145: Mareeba, AU for Atherton, Australia.
-18,21: Shakawe, Botswana for Mucusso, Angola.
-19,47: Antanifotsy, Madagascar for Antsirabe, Madagascar.
-19,48: Mahanoro, Madagascar for Vatomandry, Madagascar.
-20,-40: Vila Velha, Brazil for Vitória, Brazil.
-20,47: Fandriana, Madagascar for Ambositra, Madagascar.
-20,55: Saint-Denis, RE for Réunion North, France.
-20,116: Karratha, AU for Dampier, Australia.
-20,139: Mount Isa, AU for Mt Isa, Australia.
-20,148: Bowen, AU for Proserpine, Australia.
-21,-41: Campos, Brazil for Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil.
-21,-40: Marataizes, Brazil for Marataízes, Brazil.
-21,15: Omaruru, Namibia for Karibib, Namibia.
-21,21: Dekar, Botswana for Ghanzi, Botswana.
-21,45: Beroroha, Madagascar for Ambovombe-Androy, Madagascar.
-21,55: Saint-Paul, RE for Réunion South, France.
-22,-46: Mogi Guaçu, Brazil for Bragança Paulista, Brazil.
-22,-45: Pindamonhangaba, Brazil for Guaratinguetá, Brazil.
-22,-42: Itaboraí, Brazil for Nova Friburgo, Brazil.
-22,14: Walvisbaai, Namibia for Walvis Bay, Namibia.
-22,148: Moranbah, AU for Bathraston, Australia.
-23,29: Polokwane, South Africa for Pietersburg, South Africa.
-23,30: Giyani, South Africa for Tzaneen, South Africa.
-23,35: Maxixe, Mozambique for Inhambane, Mozambique.
-24,-46: Praia Grande, Brazil for Itanhaém, Brazil.
-24,26: Bokaa, Botswana for Mochudi, Botswana.
-24,29: Potgietersrus, South Africa for Mokopane, South Africa.
-24,113: Carnarvon, AU for Carnavon, Australia.
-25,46: Ambovombe, Madagascar for Taolagnaro, Madagascar.
-25,151: Gayndah, AU for Gayndar, Australia.
-25,152: Torquay, AU for Maryborough, Australia.
-26,27: Soweto, South Africa for Johannesburg, South Africa.
-26,31: Manzini, SZ for Mbabane, Swaziland.
-26,152: Nambour, AU for Gympie, Australia.
-26,153: Mooloolaba, AU for Maroochydore, Australia.
-27,31: Hluti, SZ for Nhlangano, Swaziland.
-27,152: Caboolture, AU for Ipswich, Australia.
-28,18: Warmbad, Namibia for Karasburg, Namibia.
-28,27: Senekal, South Africa for Maputsoe, Lesotho.
-28,28: Phuthaditjhaba, South Africa for Hlotse, Lesotho.
-29,-71: Coquimbo, Chile for La Serena, Chile.
-29,-50: Gravataí, Brazil for Canela, Brazil.
-29,29: Mooirivier, South Africa for Mokhotlong, Lesotho.
Come on, throw Lesotho a bone!  Like SA doesn't have enough graticules.
-29,30: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa for Durban (West), South Africa.
-29,31: Durban, South Africa for Durban (East), South Africa.
-29,152: South Grafton, AU for Grafton, Australia.
-30,-50: Cidreira, Brazil for Tramandaí, Brazil.
-31,-53: Pinheiro Machado, Brazil for Indian Ocean -31, -53.
:As said on the graticule page's talk, this is most assuredly not the Indian Ocean :-)
-31,28: Umtata, South Africa for Mthatha, South Africa.
-31,29: Port Saint John's, South Africa for Libode, South Africa.
-32,24: Graaff-Reinet, South Africa for Graaf-reinet, South Africa.
-32,27: Bisho, South Africa for Bhisho, South Africa.
-32,28: Butterworth, South Africa for Gonubie Mouth, South Africa.
-32,115: Mandurah, AU for Fremantle, Australia.
-32,149: Kandos, AU for Mudgee, Australia.

-33,18: Cape Town, South Africa for Cape Town (North), South Africa.
Cape Town should stay split

-33,23: Willowmore, South Africa for Uniondale, South Africa.
-33,148: Parkes, AU for Cowra, Australia.
-33,149: Orange, AU for Bathurst, Australia.

-33,150: Katoomba, AU for Blue Mountains, Australia.
Debatable. Most of the graticule is occupied by the Blue Mountains National Park.

-34,19: Grabouw, South Africa for Caledon, South Africa.
-34,20: Bredasdorp, South Africa for Swellendam, South Africa.
-34,137: Port Victoria, AU for Maitland, Australia.

-34,173: Taipa, NZ for Rangiputa, New Zealand.
I suggest the name 'Far North', NZ for this graticule, as it is what the region is known as, and more north than Northland.

-35,141: Murrayville, AU for Underbool, Australia.
-35,144: Deniliquin, AU for Denilliquin, Australia.

-36,-71: San Carlos, Chile for Parral, Chile.

-36,147: Mount Beauty, AU for Corryong, Australia.
-36,148: Thredbo Village, AU for Jindabyne, Australia.
-37,-73: Coronel, Chile for Lota, Chile.
-37,-12: Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, SH for Tristan da Cunha, Atlantic Ocean.

-37,177: Te Kaha, NZ for Waiorore, New Zealand.
-38,-57: Mar del Plata, Argentina for Mar del Plata South, Argentina.
-38,142: Warrnambool, AU for Warnambool, Australia.

-40,-73: Osorno, Chile for Osomo, Chile.
-40,145: Stanley, AU for Smithton, Australia.
-40,172: Takaka, NZ for Golden Bay, New Zealand.
-40,176: Takapau, NZ for Waipukurau, New Zealand.
-41,148: Saint Helens, AU for St. Helens, Australia.
-41,172: Murchison, NZ for Motueka, New Zealand.

-41,173: Blenheim, NZ for Nelson, New Zealand.
Not to be moved, but much of a muchness really, keep it as Nelson
:Debatable? Does Blenheim have more (permanent) residents? Is it a regional name?

-42,148: Swansea, AU for Coles Bay, Australia.
-44,170: Fairlie, NZ for Waitaki River, New Zealand.
-46,167: Tuatapere, NZ for Te Waewae Bay, New Zealand.
-49,70: Port-aux-Français, TF for Kerguelen Islands East, Indian Ocean.
-51,-59: Port Howard, FK for Falkland Sound, Falkland Islands, Atlantic Ocean.
-51,-58: Goose Green Settlement, FK for East Falkland Center, Atlantic Ocean.