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Geohashing is a date-based activity and our expedition reports are organized by date. There are actually two separate hierarchies of dates in use on the wiki.


The Meetup hierarchy is for meetups or planned meetups. When you create a page to plan a trip or to describe an individual geohash location, regardless of whether anyone actually attended or met anyone else, the page title should be of the form YYYY-MM-DD LAT LONG, e.g. 2008-09-21 49 -123. If multiple people write reports on the same geohash, they may create separate subsections on the same page.

If a map of the geohash location is included using the meetup graticule template, the page will automatically be categorized under Meetup on YYYY-MM-DD (and Meetup in LAT LONG, but that doesn't have to do with dates).

If you prefer not to use the meetup graticule template, please add the categories manually. The same categories should be added to photographs and other files that relate to a particular geohash.

Meetup itself is a Root category and the full hierarchy continues, for example:

Category:Meetup by date
Category:Meetup in 2008
Category:Meetup in 2008-09
Category:Meetup on 2008-09-11
2008-09-11 55 -120

You can see a list of all the expeditions on a particular date, or all the dates in a particular month for which there are expedition pages by going to the appropriate category page. The monthly aggregations of the expedition archives (with their own hierarchy below) are also categorized under Meetup in YYYY-MM.

Expedition Archives[edit]

The wiki Main Page includes a section for photographs from recent expeditions. Those photo galleries are automatically created and categorized, but the contents: the photographs themselves, and sometimes expedition summaries, are added manually by the photographers or by others who want to share the expeditions with the rest of the geohashing community. Each day's gallery is housed in a page of the form YYYY-MM-DD, and the content of that page is automagically displayed on the main page.

Those YYYY-MM-DD pages are automatically transcluded in the corresponding YYYY-MM page, which are manually linked from the Expedition Archives page, for a browsable hierarchy.

The Expedition Archives YYYY-MM-DD pages are in a category hierarchy running from the root as follows:

Category:Day by year
Category:Day of 2008
Category:Day of October 2008

The daily pages are categorized automatically. Once a month someone has to categorize the new monthly page.


Template:Day of month - puts the headers and See also links on the YYYY-MM expedition archive pages. Template:Expeditions - includes the days of the month in the YYYY-MM expedition archive pages.


Categorize each expedition under its date. Optionally, if you want to show it off on the main page, put it in that day's Expedition Archive. The existing hierarchy of categories will take care of the rest.