Curse of the Geohash

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The Curse of the Geohash is an ancient curse, cast by a mischievous wizard on a number of ancient silver coins. This page seeks to explain how the curse works, and how you can get rid of it. It furthermore attempts to track the location of the coins, to protect fellow geohashers from its effects (or having a good laugh at the fabulous stories of its victims).

The Curse[edit]

The curse befalls any person who ever gets to take one of the cursed coins in her/his hand. That person must, within exactly seven days visit a geohash and place the coin in a well-protected container at the location of the hash. This location must be publicly announced by the local herald. Failing to visit a hash within seven days or if the coin is lost, that person must wear a chicken on its head until he/she gets rid of the coin by the above procedure and the next person takes possession of the coin. You may ONLY take off the chicken when the next person touches the coin.

The small print[edit]

Obviously, this being an ancient curse, and us living in the Internet age, the procedure becomes a little easier. If you find a cursed coin, you MUST, within seven days, visit a geohash in your area. Furthermore, you MUST place the coin into a geocache within reasonable distance of the hash. (You will know if the distance is right when the coin tingles in your hands.) If there is no cache close by, you better prepare to place a new geocache. Make sure that the cache is well hidden - if the coin disappears, you may have to wear a chicken for the rest of your life. You MUST announce the cache on or another popular geocaching site.

To prove that you are actually wearing a chicken on your head, you MUST place a photo of yourself wearing the chicken on this wiki and in any relevant user profiles you use for geohashing or geocaching.

The Coins[edit]

Current Known Locations of the Coins[edit]

Please edit the sites below to keep track of the coin locations.

  • The coins are identifiable by a serial number written or minted on their reverse.
  • #1 - the first coin minted by the wizard.
  • #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6
  • #7 - The Berlin Geohashing Migration coin

The Minting of the Coins[edit]

The making of the coins has been well documented. Ancient scriptures depict their creation at this very location.

Frequently Asked Questions, by despaired victims[edit]

Masters of the arcane magick of geohashing shall answer your every question on the discussion page.

  • Q: Do I have to wear the chicken, if I deposited the coin in time?
  • A: No, only if the coin is presumed to be lost.