Count your sheep

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Xkcd sheep.jpg

Can't sleep? What about counting sheep?

Here's the game:

  • Choose a picture that has sheep on it and is not yet on this page. The Sheep category might be a good place to look for them. It doesn't need to be one of your own pictures.
  • Count the sheep on the picture you chose.
  • If you are still awake, add the picture to the end of the gallery and put the number of sheep and the new total of sheep in the gallery into the caption.
  • Please add not more than one picture per night and user. If this wasn't enough to get you to sleep, you may recount the old ones.

Please remember:

  • It is not recommended to count sheep if you should rather not fall asleep now.
  • If you're an android, you may also add pictures of electric sheep.
  • sheepCount is a long int here.