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Cincinnati, OH Previous Meetups

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Cincinnati Ohio Graticule


[edit] 2011

[edit] Sep 03, 2011

I've created a Craigslist ad for this date:
Current Location is unknown as i'm editing this before the GeoHash is available.
Expected Weather: 92° and sunny. 30% chance of rain.
If you're interested in going, visit the Linked Craigslist ad and email me!

[edit] Aug 13, 2011

In the driveway of 4592 Toni Dr, Dayton, OH 45417
Expected weather: 80° and sunny (evening showers, though)
So who's coming?

[edit] May 28, 2011

Will this be a yearly event? My popping in here to look for co-hashers?
Maybe this time it will be different.
Hash location is accessible and just 3 miles from my house.
Follow the link for more details.

[edit] 2010

[edit] June 26, 2010

It's been so long, where did everyone disappear to?
Well, the annual Origins Game Fair is going on in Columbus this weekend., butI couldn't go this time :-(
At least the geohash location is easily accessible, let's have our own gaming event!
Springboro OH, in a parking lot just off I-75. Be there!

[edit] 2009

[edit] May 30, 2009

It's that time again...
This one's on OH-4, just off Harshman
Anyone planning to be there? Any recommendations for nearby alternate spots?
There is the school (Mad River, I think) and nearby eateries (China Buffet)
and the weather should be nice.
Any takers?

[edit] 2008

[edit] September 6, 2008

Just East of the Dayton Airport. (I still need to post photos)

3 dates, but it looks like no one went ...

[edit] August 16, 2008

[edit] August 9, 2008

[edit] August 2, 2008

[edit] July 26, 2008

Located in a subdivision near Mason, OH. Nothing much happened.

[edit] July 19, 2008

Not on a golf course this week... (although Sunday's is!)
(and last Thursday's hash was across a field from Castle Hills Golf Course)

[edit] July 12, 2008

It's a mystery golf course!

Is anyone even remotely surprised?

[edit] June 28, 2008

Manning Rd & Diamond Mill Rd, just N of Germantown.

[edit] June 21, 2008

Amazing! We're finally not on a golf course!

[edit] June 14, 2008

The location for this meetup was on the Wright Paterson Air Force Base.

see the page for detals.

[edit] June 7, 2008

What are (were?) the odds?
This meetup location was in the Holly Hills Golf Club located near Waynesville, Ohio

[edit] May 31, 2008

This meetup location was along a fairway of a country club/golf course located near Amelia, Ohio

[edit] May 24, 2008

This meetup location was in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse in the Western Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati.

This event was attended by a number of local hashers!