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What it is[edit]

Geocaching is another location based game where people locate physical items called "geocaches" or "caches" based upon GPS coordinates. It has a rather large user base and is played throughout the world. While there are several different websites that list geocaches, as of 2013 the most widely used one globally is

How it relates to Geohashing[edit]

The Hash collision achievement is earned by stumbling across a geocache while at a geohash point. The reverse is also possible, with someone finding a geocache somewhere and realizing that they are close to a hash-point. Both games can involve visiting far-flung GPS coordinates.

Geocaching listings that reference geohashing[edit]

Since many people that enjoy geohashing also enjoy geocaching, there has been crossover in other forms as well. Several geocache listings introduce the concept of geohashing to geocachers. This is an attempt to keep a list of those.

  • [GC4JCB6] - Located in the 32,-106 graticule (Southern NM). This is a challenge geocache as well, challenging geocachers to complete a hash collision achievement before they can log the find.
  • [GC1BD0J] - Located in the 50,15 graticule (Czech Republic).
  • [GC1EHZP] - Located in the 55,12 graticule (Denmark).
  • [GC23XWR] - Located in the 59,17 graticule (Sweden).
  • [GC326W4] - Located in the 50,8 graticule (Germany).
  • [GC38QKV] - Located in the 50,15 graticule (Czech Republic).
  • [GC2APJY] - Located in the 60,13 graticule (Sweden).
  • [GC30T3J] - Located in the 42,-88 graticule (Wisconsin, USA).

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