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In 2011, there were nine expeditions undertaken sporadically by Sourcerer and Benjw. In the previous year there were 27 so this was a bit of a drop in activity, but at least the graticule is still active!


  • 20 November 2011 (Sun): Sourcerer visited the hashpoint ten paces off a public footpath between Old Newton village and the main line railway from London to Norwich, 2 miles north of Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.
  • 20 March 2011 (Sun): Sourcerer reached multihash 4 of 5 in a Thetford Forest field about a mile west of the Elveden Center Parcs holiday centre west of Thetford, Norfolk, UK.
  • 9 February 2011 (Wed): Grassland near Milton. Benjw walked there but was stopped 200 metres away at 5pm, because of old quarrying works.

Active geohashers[edit]

Graticule talk page[edit]

Nothing was added to the graticule talk page during 2011.