Brookings, South Dakota

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Webster Milbank Alexandria, Minnesota
Watertown Brookings Marshall, Minnesota
Alexandria Sioux Falls Worthington, Minnesota

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Today's Location: [Brookings, SD]

The Brookings, South Dakota graticule is located at latitude 44, longitude -96. This area extends into Minnesota. As this is a rural area, it presents many fun opportunities for geohashing in rivers, small lakes, corn fields, and nuclear missile silos. There are a couple state parks in the area and most of the region is easily navigated by using Interstate 29 and Highway 14. It also plays host to the campus of South Dakota State University and neighbors the graticule with a microwave repair college, Dakota State University.

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Notable Dates[edit]

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Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Andrew Boerema
  • Zachary Plovanic
  • Andrew Meyer