Borås, Sweden

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Uddevalla Trollhättan Skövde
Göteborg Borås Gislaved
Anholt, Denmark Helsingborg Hässleholm

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The Borås graticule is at latitude 57, longitude 12.

This graticule is located just outside of Göteborg, the second biggest city in Sweden. It does, however, contain Mölndal, the major city located next to Göteborg. We have a lot of lakes here, that's nice....


2009-06-04 57 12 -- a short but somewhat hard expedition into the woods east of Göteborg.
2009-06-25 57 12 -- a slightly longer solo hash by bike.
2010-03-25 57 12 -- snowy forest hash.
2011-04-30 57 12 -- Valpurgis hash.
2011-05-28 57 12 -- The forest outside of Landvetter.