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This is an archive of 2008 Meetups and plans for the Atlanta, Georgia graticule. Check out the graticule page for 2009 information.

Saturday Meetups[edit]

May 12 2008 meetup. Very Reachable. Attendance = ? (1)

May 24 2008 meetup. Reachable. Directions Link Attendance = ? (8)

May 31 2008 Meetup Attendance = ? (3)

June 07 2008 Meetup Very Reachable. Attendance = 1. Was reached on bicycle by ElSupreme trip report located here.

June 14 2008 Meetup Very Reachable. Attendance = 0

June 21 2008 Meetup Water Geohash, probably wade-able. Attendance = 2 In a Marietta subdivision retention pond.Next to the Marietta Country Club, north of Kennesaw Mountain Park. Expected attendance = 2. ekap328 will go to the closest point on the bank of the pond to the actual meeting point and see what happens.

June 28 2008 Meetup Reached -- backyard of a neighborhood cul-de-sac. Expected attendance = 1 (please update).

Sept 06 2008 Meetup This is perfect for me(NWoodruff) as it is only 2 miles from my house. I will be there at 4pm local time on a bicycle. Expected attendance = 1 (please update). Expedition can be found here.

Sept 20 2008 Meetup appears to be in the clouds. This might be one of those Air Geohases. But... I doubt that cloud will be there when you get to the hash. I can already tell google map is out of date. So... forget relying on google map to find this hash because I bet that cloud is well over the Atlantic ocean by now. Good luck on finding that cloud now.

Sept 27 2008 MeetupIt is close enough to Atlanta that all Atlanta Metro Geohashers should be at. I NWoodruff will be at the hash at 4pm local time. I will be waiting on you guys to show up at this one. You can also qualify for a Speed Racer achievement. UPDATE: Due to the lack of availability of gas. I(NWoodruff) am going to sit this one out and stay home.

Oct 18 2008 Meetup NWoodruff would like to invite all Atlanta Graticule geohashers to join him at the Talking Rock Graticule this Saturday in Roswell.

Nov 01 2008 Meetup NWoodruff will be attempting this GeoHash on a bicycle. It is about 10 miles from my home in Norcross. If you are reading this before the meetup time, please try to attend. Expedition can be found here.

Sunday Meetups[edit]

June 22 2008 Meetup The actual area is behind a fenced in area as it contains a drainage area. Attendance = 1. I( NWoodruff) was able to get within 10 feet or so to the east of the exact location. There was a door to this area which is not locked but with as over grown the vegetation had become, I became satisfied to sit on the manhole cover nearest the drainage pit. I did scratch XKCD into the iron manhole cover(which is made in India) with a small rock I found near by. I dubbed the location Geohashed.

July 6 2008 Meetup The location appears to be a 1/4 mile into the woods from the nearest road. It is quite a distance for me(NWoodruff). I do not have a GPS to go tracking to find this location. Expected attendance = 0. (Please update). I've clicked the flag on the map and noted that I will not be attending.

July 13 2008 Meetup The location appears to be in someones back yard. It seems to be reachable with a place to park on the side of the road. I will be attempting to Geohash the location at 16:00. Please update if you plan on attending. Attendance = 1.

Aug 10 2008 Meetup Douglasville time, on Chapel Hill road even. This will be a drive and a half for me but I( NWoodruff) have an old friend that lives about a mile and a half south of this point on Chapel Hill road. Looks like it is time to go see them. I will be showing up at 4pm local time. Also this spot can qualify you for the Speed Racer achievement. Expected attendance = 1. Please update if you plan on attending. Be looking for a Red Ford Ranger parked on the side of the road nearest the spot. Expedition can be found here.

Nov 09 2008 Meetup Everyone should be able to make it to this one. This is right off Peachtree Road right near the Marta Brookhaven station. You could walk from the Marta station to this hash point. There is no reason why everyone from this Graticule can't make it. NWoodruff will be there and expecting to meet other Geohashers. Be there or be square. Attendance = 1. Expedition can be found at 2008-11-09.

Nov 16 2008 Meetup Easily reachable in the parking lot of a restaurant. Everyone should be able to make it to this one.

Weekday Meetups[edit]

Friday June 20 2008 Very Reachable. In Henderson Park in Tucker. ElSupreme Will try to get his girlfriend to go there with him today. Come in the Livesy Rd / Henderson Park Road entrance and picnic by the lake before trudging into the woods for the actual point.

June 30 2008 Meetup Looks very reachable on the east side of town. Near Sam's Crossing in Avondale. Go east on East Ponce DeLeon to the bottom of the hill. Turn left on Dekalb Industrial and turn in to the 3rd driveway on the right. The thumbtack thingy is just at the front of their building (at the left most of the handicapped parking spaces, it looks like). Expected attendance = 0 (please update).

Thursday July 17 2008 It looks to be about 2 miles from my house ( NWoodruff ). I will be attempting this GeoHash when I return home from work, aprox 18:00. I am also going to attempt a Bicycle GeoHash. Expected attendance at 18:00 = 1. Please update if you plan on attending. I have clicked on the thumb tack on the map and updated it to say that I will be attending. +1, 4.5 miles from me, User:Sparr. Actual attendance = 2, me and a friend, got there early, stayed til 6, missed you NWoodruff. Was harder to get to than expected, the last 70 feet into the trees was a bit of a climb down. UPDATE: NWoodruff I wasn't able to get home till almost 7:30pm. I didn't start the bicycle GeoHash until about 8pm. As I got there it was already getting dark. If I had known that it was such a climb down, I would not have attempted the ride. Because of darkness, I didn't attempt the GeoHash and therefore have not awarded myself the GeoHash badge for this day.

Thursday July 24 2008 Although this GeoHash is within 10 or so miles of my house( NWoodruff), it appears to be in a gated community. I have nothing better to do tonight, if I can get off work at a decent time, I will attempt this GeoHash around 19:00. I will attempt the Ambassador Geohash instead of the No Trespassing Geohash.

Monday July 28 2008 This is the perfect GeoHash for me NWoodruff. It is not that far out of my way and I could qualify for a Speed Racer GeoHash. Unfortunately though tonight I am making it to the Braves game at the Ted this evening so this hash is the opposite direction that I will be traveling. 2008-07-28

Monday Aug 11 2008 Speed Racer Time!!! I NWoodruff will be Speed Racing this hash in the 7pm hour. Please update if you plan on Racing through and I will make sure to pull off on the side of the road and wait at the nearest point to the hash. 2008-08-11

Friday Aug 29 2008 This hash is a few miles from Dragon*Con, quite accessible to tens of thousands of geeks. I proposed a 7PM meetup on the livejournal for the event, maybe we can set a new record for the grat? ( NWoodruff) would love to but, getting downtown at that time of night for me is going to be a problem. 9pm would be better and then try to qualify for the Pub geohash achievement. It seems like I've been the only one doing the geohashing lately.

Monday Sept 08 2008 White water rafting time. Too bad I don't have my kayak with me as in this white water geohash is only a few miles out of my way on my( NWoodruff) drive home. I don't have my camera with me either. I need to always have it in my truck from now on.

Monday Sept 15 2008This Geohash is only about 10 miles from where I( NWoodruff) work and only about 5 miles out of my way to reach. I drive home I-75 south from Kennesaw every day so this isn't that far out of my way. I'll do the hash at about 6pm this evening. I don't have my camera with me. I'll see if I can find one before the end of the day rolls around. Please update if you plan on attending so I hang around long enough to meet up. Expedition with out pictures can be found here 2008-09-15.

Thursday Oct 02 2008Druid Hills area... Anyone interested? Appears to be in someones back yard. Should we bring cake?

Tuesday Oct 07 2008 Riverdale, Baseball time. Bring your ball gloves. We should atleast be able to play catch. I NWoodruff, might be able to make it tonight. I could always play catch with God if no one else shows up. Please update if you plan on attending.

Tuesday Nov 04 2008 This is less than 1/2 mile from NWoodruff's house as the crow flies. I attempted a Geohash yesterday in the Toccoa Graticule but failed because it was too dark. But, I am going to do this come hell or high water. Expedition can be found here 2008-11-04

Tuesday Dec 09 2008This hash point is right at 12 miles from my(NWoodruff's) office. Any one else like to attempt this Geohash with me? I have marked on the map that I will be attending. I am going to attempt this hash in the time span of 5pm to 5:30pm. Please update if you would like to attend.