Gutah, British Columbia

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Fort Nelson Fontas Kahntah
Sikanni Chief Gutah Etthithun Lake
Halfway River Wonowon Fort St. John

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The Gutah, BC graticule, at 57, -121 in northeastern British Columbia, is largely undeveloped with some agriculture and gas and oil extraction. No major roads run through the graticule, but the southwest corner is only eight kilometres from the Alaska Highway. The unincorporated communities of Gleam, Tamarack and Gutah. The graticule was named after the last because Statistics Canada gave it an agriculture profile. The Fort Nelson River flows through the northwest corner of the graticule.

Local Geohashers[edit]

None known.


2008-10-12: Robyn attempted an airhash here, but the GPS photo was too poor to claim success.