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Grande Cache, Alberta

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McBride, British Columbia Grande Cache Muskeg River
Hendrix Lake, British Columbia Valemount, British Columbia Jasper

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Grande Cache, Alberta (53, -119) is a spectacularly rugged graticule straddling the British Columbia-Alberta border in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and includes Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The northeast corner encloses a small loop of highway 40 including the town of Grande Cache. Most of the centre, about sixty percent of the entire graticule, is off limits to motorized vehicles, being inside the Willmore Wilderness Park. The southwest portion of the graticule includes a couple of stretches of the Yellowhead Highway alongside the Fraser River, and the communities of Mt. Robson, Shere, Dunster, Croydon Station and the Raush Valley.

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[edit] Expeditions

2012-03-04 53 -119

[edit] Notable Dates

  • 2008-10-02: On a trail on the Smoky River inside the wilderness area. About a four hour hike each way. Not attempted.
  • 2012-03-04: Dunstergirl achieves the first hash in this graticule