Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Langdon Grafton Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Cooperstown Grand Forks Crookston, Minnesota
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Today's location: not yet announced

Grand Forks, ND is located in the 47, -97 graticule.

Grand Forks is best known for being home to the University of North Dakota and is the state's third-largest city (not that it's any major accomplishment).

Local geohashers

There are currently only two known local geohashers, but with a city full of college kids there must be more out there!

  • Justin: An air-traffic control student with an eye for adventure.
  • Holly: Justin's trusty sidekick, who enjoys adventure just as much.


2009-07-09 47 -97: The first documented geo hashing adventure in the Grand Forks graticule.