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Udine, Italy

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Belluno Udine Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Today's Location: [Udine, Italy]

[edit] About

The Udine graticule is at latitude 46, longitude 13. It includes Friuli's main city Udine, Villach in Kärtner (Austria) and the north-western part of Slovenia.

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[edit] People

Geohashers in this area include:

  • faina09, lives near Udine around N46 04.550 E013 27.170

[edit] Expeditions

2008-09-26 - Faina09 submitted a photograph of his dog Grano at that day's coordinates, in a vineyard.

2009-06-11 - Fluxkompensator went there by car on the way from Germany to Klagenfurt (sort of "drive-in" geohash).

2009-08-30 - Faina09 and his dog Grano at that day's coordinates ends up in a soya bean field.