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Lugano, Switzerland Chur, Switzerland Livigno
Novara Milano Verona
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This graticule is located at 45,9. Today's location

It's been active since September 2010.


This graticule includes a large part of Lombardy and little bits of Emilia-Romagna and Switzerland. Since it includes Milan with its huge population and loads of people who are part of the IT industry, it is a candidate for becoming the most successful Italian graticule.

Some of the largest cities in this graticule are Milan, Bergamo, Piacenza, Monza, Lodi, Pavia, Como, Lecco and Crema. The SW corner of the graticule is very close to Voghera, the NW one to Lugano. Another significant city just outside the graticule is Cremona.

The graticule is inland and also destinations in lake areas can be safely reached by renting a boat. Most of the destinations will be in densely populated areas or in agricultural areas well served by streets and roads. About one destination on four will be in some beautiful mountain locations, a few of them requiring long and difficult walks.

Land Usage[edit]

74.95%  Fields
23.49%  Forests
1.56%   Water


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