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Ottawa, Ontario

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46,-76 Maniwaki, Québec Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Québec
Renfrew Ottawa Saint-Jérôme West, Québec
Kingston Ogdensburg, New York Potsdam, New York

Today's location: not yet announced

The Ottawa, Ontario graticule is at latitude 45, longitude -75. The cities of Ottawa and Gatineau are just west of center and the graticule is fairly evenly split between Ontario and Québec. It contains plenty of city, farms, lakes, and the Gatineau hills.

There is a Facebook group here. If you live in the area and are on Facebook, feel free to join!

[edit] Local Geohashers

  • Matt Ugray will try to get out to Saturday hashes within biking distance of downtown Ottawa, and may get out to other bikeable hashes.
  • Daniel Rubin will go to anything within biking distance of downtown Ottawa
  • Alex R can go to locations around Ottawa by bike and sometimes by car. Mostly bike.
  • Laszlo will try to get out to anything within biking distance from downtown Ottawa. He will try especially hard on Saturdays.
  • Brenden M. will try for anything biking distance (<30km) from downtown Ottawa on Saturdays.
  • Woj travels by bus and car, and will try to get to locations downtown and in the west end.
  • Matt L travels mostly on foot and will try to get to locations near Kanata.
  • Alex B travels by bus, bike or car and will try to get to Saturday hashes in Ottawa or Gatineau as well as weekday hashes that are within biking distance of downtown Ottawa.
  • Julien Lamarche Loves cycling or busing. Also willing to use VrtuCar. Would be interested in doing some geohasing in the next graticule west of here for some forest bushwacking. Contact info on user page.

[edit] Recent Expeditions and Meetups

See also Category:Meetup in 45 -75.