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Springfield, Oregon

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Today's location: not yet announced

The Springfield, Oregon graticule is located around latitude 44, longitude -122. Consisting of Linn County, eastern Lane County. The Springfield graticule contains a national forest and the Part of the Cascade Range.

[edit] Notable Cities in the Springfield Graticule

  • Springfield

I have noticed that when the Eugene Meet up location is out on the coast, Springfield's meet up is a leisurely little jaunt from Eugene. Therefore I will visit this location and make it an active graticule.

[edit] Active Users

Grrarg From inaugural Eugene Expedition. Anniepoo Lives in Sweet Home

[edit] Recent Expeditions

2014-01-20 44 -122: User:Anniepoo and Frogman, Alison and Kate have a hash collision avoidance scheme by failing to reach coordinates in separate expeditions.

2013-10-26 44 -122: Frogman, Higgs, Callie, and Dmitriy take a day trip from Corvallis to the Willamette National Forest.

2013-07-28 44 -122: Michael5000 and Jennifer hang out on Main Street in Brownsville.

2011-08-06 44 -122: Michael5000 visits a forest owned by a logging company south of Molalla and east of Silverton.

2009-01-26 44 -122: Haschel Cedricson and Lizzy97396 visit a forest owned by a logging company between Lebanon and Brownsville.