Austin, Minnesota

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Minneapolis SW St. Paul SE Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Albert Lea Austin La Crosse, Wisconsin
Ames, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Today's location: not yet announced


The Austin, Minnesota graticule is at latitude 43, longitude -92. The city of Austin is right along the western border of this graticule; Austin residents may want to consider geohashing in the Albert Lea graticule instead.

Local Geohashers[edit]

Mark actually lives in the St. Paul SE, Minnesota graticule but, being right on the 44th parallel, finds the rural nature of the Austin, Minnesota graticule to be more reclusively appealing. He doesn't own a GPS though, so really it just worked out best for mooching a friend's GPS on one rare occasion that the hash wasn't a few thousand feet into a field of crops.

Completed Geohashes[edit]