Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

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Wells, Nevada Park Valley Clearfield
Wendover, Nevada Bonneville Salt Flats Tooele
Ely, Nevada Fish Springs Delta

Today's location: not yet announced

The Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah graticule is at latitude 40, longitude -113. As you can see on the map, this graticule is dominated by Dugway Proving Grounds in the south, and the Hill AFB bombing range to the north. Obviously, this is fantastic for those wishing to claim a Restricted Area Geohash achievement, but not so great for the rest of us. The rest of the graticule is relatively open, but take care when venturing out onto the flats - the mud in this area can entrap even the hardiest 4WD vehicles. Take lots of water. And a shovel. And a cellphone, though as Robyn pointed out, once you get away from I-80 cell coverage is not a given. --Pardey 06:29, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

This graticule, combined with the Wendover, Nevada graticule, is probably one of the better candidates for a Time-Traveller Geohash Achievement, due to the accessibility of the time zone change, and the fact that there is a 75MPH freeway running east-west through both graticules. The hashpoints at this latitude are only ~50mi. apart, which should be easily doable if both points are close to the freeway. We will have to wait for the hashpoint to be within a relatively small area (the northeast portion of the graticules). I plan to try for it if the hashpoints, the weather, and my schedule permit. --Pardey 18:16, 15 October 2008 (UTC)



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