Greenville, South Carolina

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Toccoa, Georgia Greenville Columbia
Athens, Georgia Evans, Georgia Augusta, Georgia

Today's location: not yet announced

Encompasses Greenville, SC; Anderson, SC; Greenwood, SC, and parts of eastern GA.

May 24 2008 meetup. Destination 34.126648°, -82.547534°. Attendance: 1 Nice parking area at a creek on Old Calhoun Falls Rd east of the town of Calhoun Falls. Picture [1]. Actual location was about 400ft behind me in a fenced field.

May 31 2008 meetup. I cheated and didn't have enough time to make it all the way down to the one for this graticule, so I went to the one for the Asheville, NC graticule instead. Picture here: [2]

Unfortunately, I got a job that requires me working until 4pm on Saturdays, and I am a wedding photographer, which is usually Saturdays. I seem to be the only active geohasher in this graticule.

New Geohasher Enters the Area[edit]

2012-08-19 Destination 34.5604246, -82.3612976°. Hoping to pick up where my predecessor left off. First Greenville geohash attempt in over 4 years. Successful geohash, Rationalizer and a tag-a-long.