2019-08-05 42 -85

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Mon 5 Aug 2019 in 42,-85:
42.8380084, -85.6116266

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driveway on Deer Cove Drive SE, Caledonia, MI



I was headed to pick up my family at the airport and this was pretty close by. It was in the driveway of a house in a modern, cookie-cutter style suburban-sprawl development. The neighborhood was pleasant and comfortable but uninspired to my taste. No residents of the house were apparent outside, and I basically turned around in their driveway like a confused visitor to the neighborhood, stopping just long enough to grab the proof-shot. Low-hanging fruit, really.

This was the second time I've hit a hashpoint on my way to an airport. This one was lower risk: at worst my family would have to wait for me at baggage claim. The earlier expedition, 2015-11-15_42_-72, actually ran the risk of missing the flight...