2019-08-03 45 -119

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2019-08-03 45 -119 barrel.jpg

Sat 3 Aug 2019 in 45,-119:
45.1760465, -119.1228009

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In National Forest land, not far off the road from Ukiah to Heppner.



So, from 2019-08-03 45 -118 I wound my way out of the woods, back through LaGrande, and then up the highway to Ukiah, where my family lived for a memorably challenging year before I was born that they are still talking about. A well-maintained, paved, striped forest road goes through the Blue Mountains from Ukiah to Heppner, so getting to this hashpoint required no more than parking off of a side road and walking across a meadow. The shot-up barrel was around 100 feet from the hashpoint. I took my pictures, then continued on to Heppner, and from there pointed the prow back towards Portland and home. In The Dalles, I finally caught up with those enchiladas.



Michael5000 earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 2 hash points on 2019-08-03. It's a Double Hash.