2019-07-31 47 -122

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Wed 31 Jul 2019 in Seattle:
47.6752521, -122.3387310

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In the middle of Green Lake. Not the neighborhood - the lake itself!



Assess after work.

I might be able to arrange to visit in the evening as well. Rent a paddle boat? Coyotebush (talk) 18:33, 31 July 2019 (UTC)
Exactly what I was thinking. $24 per hour, would think an hour would be sufficient. Canoe same price. Trying to talk daughter and her friend into it also :) --Thomcat (talk) 23:02, 31 July 2019 (UTC)

See also 2012-02-11_47_-122


Okay, long day at work, 10 minutes traffic just to get out of the office park. Glanced at Coyotebush comment and replied, but not expecting much. After arriving home to change, I pulled up the website - then called Green Lake boat rentals. 15 minutes until 7.

Realizing that I needed to at least reach the shore to document this expedition and it's likely failure, I hustled down to the lake and found a parking spot at the local library (Library patrons only! You will be ticketed! (I wasn't)). Headed across the street and... somebody was renting a boat! I stood in line and asked if I could pretty-please rent - and she said yes! Well, yes and be back before 8.

So $24 poorer, I put my items in the zip lock bag I grabbed and hopped in the canoe. I did refresh the page a few times, but no further posts from the Coyote. Literally last second expeditions run the risk of leaving people behind, unfortunately.

Once out on the lake, I confirmed everything was working (and I could select and pan through the ziplock - nice!) and posted my first update. Making good time, I overshot the mark slightly (while avoiding a couple out on a paddle boat - could they be geohashing?) and then came back to achieve the point. Water success!

After not too much drift and contemplation, I headed north again, thinking I might be able to hit OtherJack's point just off Duck Island. Unfortunately, my navigation was not that great, and I ended up quite a ways east with 15 minutes to go. Rather than exacerbate the growing blisters on my unaccustomed hands, I returned to my starting point to return the boat.

Had a nice chat with the nice young lady who rented me the boat, and she thought this random expedition geohashing thing sounded kind of cool. Maybe we'll see her at a Seattle geohash soon?

Flush with success, I returned to the car and headed home, then out for a celebratory beer. A good workout, a water success, and another Seattle expedition in the books. Cheers!




Thomcat earned the Water geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, -122) geohash on 2019-07-31 by Canoe.
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