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2019-06-12 51 8 GeorgDerReisende 0001.jpg

Wed 12 Jun 2019 in 51,8:
51.6975747, 8.3074800

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The hash lay at the junction of Suderlager Weg and Menseweg in Lippstadt-Bad Waldliesborn.




Public transport and walking.


I left home at 7:10 and with a tram, two trains and a bus I traveled to the Jagdweg in Lippstadt-Bad Waldliesborn. Having no rain all the way during the transport, just as I leaved the bus it started to drop. I thought, its better to take the raincoat. And walked to the hash. I found a bench at the junction. Because of the absence of the GPS I made short dance around, then I left the place for another walk to another bus stop. At the end I thought, sometimes you carry a towel and sometimes you need a towel...