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2019-06-04 52 9 GeorgDerReisende 0001.jpg

Tue 4 Jun 2019 in 52,9:
52.4520814, 9.8719524

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This Geohash is located at a ditch west of Gartenstadt Lohne.




arriving there at 12 o'clock



I misunderstood the timetables and the arriving time was 12:42. On the way to the hash I found a golf course hiking trail and I took it. To find the hash was easy. As I am without GPS, I looked for the southeastern edge of the tree.


I took the tram to Altwarmbüchen and walked the rest from there. I could not go in a straight line, since the Autobahn 7 was between me and the coordinates.

After reaching the bridge, I crossed it and went around a golf course. The public path actually seperated two parts of the golf course from each other, so I was basically walking on the course. This is no Golf Geohash though, the coordinates are a little further.

When I arrived at the site, I saw flattened grass all the way to the coordinates. Georg was here before me, like he announced. I could only make it at 16:00, four hours after him. I located the coordinates and recorded proof.

Afterwards, I went to Lohne. Waiting for the bus, I saw an airplane, the airport is nearby. I took a bus back to Altwarmbüchen and took the tram back home.






GeorgDerReisende and Fippe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 9) geohash on 2019-06-04.
2019-06-04 52 09 09 Geohash.jpg