2019-05-26 40 -74

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Sun 26 May 2019 in 40,-74:
40.4362932, -74.3656433

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The first time I targeted a geohash for a bike ride in over a year was for coordinates just off the sidewalk in what was clearly a rich section of South River.


The southern approach was via River Road, a name which (in the absence of canyons or steep valleys) implies that the road will be fairly flat. It is not, veering well off the river and towering above it. I found no trouble in Heritage Landing, simply stepping off onto the sidewalk just past the coordinates.

I went on into Sayreville for awhile before turning home. One good thing about the coordinates was that although I did get rained on a little going back through South River, I would have gotten rather more rain at home or if I had gone to my planned original destination.