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2019-04-20 52 9 GeorgDerReisende 0001.jpg

Sat 20 Apr 2019 in 52,9:
52.3563767, 9.7175604

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The hash lay between the houses Göttinger Straße 44 and Strousbergstraße 2 in Hannover.




Wanted to be there at hash o'clock.


I left home at 9:30 and with a bus, two trains and a tram I arrived near the hash. I walked around and at hash o'clock I arrived at the hash. Because I don't have my GPS I looked onto the map and the areal view and couldn't see the exact location. On the southern side of the houses I found a patch with flowers and I walked along it. But I asked, if I was near enough and I tried to look to the other side of the wall with the hollow chequer bricks and I could stand at both edges of the houses. And with the five meters radius at both points I thought I was there. Then I waited some minutes until hash o'clock, but I couldn't wait for long, because I wanted to get an early train home.



GeorgDerReisende earned the xkcd Quinquaginturion achievement
by attending 52 Saturday meetups.
GeorgDerReisende earned the XKCD-100 Achievement
by voyaging 120 miles to reach the (52, 9) geohash on 2019-04-20.
2019-04-20 52 9 GeorgDerReisende 0001.jpg